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The latest hi speed video by talented shooters on the web!

Samsung NX1 Multi Motion Has 120fps!

Samsung NX1

As with many camera releases the full quoted specs do not tell the whole story on a camera’s final capabilities.  Our reader Andreas Bernhard pointed us that the Samsung NX1 does have a 120fps 1080p mode included inside the Samsung Multi Motion mode. We previously thought it was just a slowdown of 60p with interpolation but as it turns out it is also sporting a full 120p 1080 mode inside the camera.

Here is the first video comparison of the NX1 vs the Sony a7s which is limited to 120p at 720 resolution.  Video by Park Enna: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony PXW-FS7 180fps Samples Surface!

The Sony PXW-FS7  Pro camera besides the 4k up to 30p spec also offers a great 180fps slow motion mode at 1080p continuous.  We expected the quality to be as good or better than the FS700 and it was the right call.  The quality of the slow motion is extremely good and uses a better XAVC codec; And will position for now the FS7 in the 3rd spot of the camera list guide right behind the FS700 displacing the GH4 to 4th place.

Slow motion and Rolling Shutter test FS7 by Shug M. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 New 1080p Sample Released


The just released sample above shows the fps1000 platinum shooting at 200fps at full 1080p spec of the camera.

You will notice the wide banding present in the shadow areas and we asked the creator Graham Rowan for an explanation and it was readily available.   Here is the full explanation: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 Kickstarter camera shakes the market!

We were alerted yesterday by our reader Robert1200  and today again by James of a new development in low cost high quality slow motion cameras. The fps1000 is about to change the equation all over again. See the already funded Kickstarter Campaign here!

Meet the fps1000 camera by Graham Rowan
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Go Pro Hero 4 Slow-Mo Samples!

Go Pro Hero 4 Black samples have been hitting the net and included are 1080p 120fps tests.  The quality seems much better than what the Hero 3 black was able to do in 720p but it is below what 1080p 60 can deliver on the same cameras.

Hero 4 Black slow motion Samples: → Continue Reading Full Post ←