Galaxy S10 Slow Motion Selfie Feature in Android 10 One UI 2!

Galaxy S10 Slow Motion SelfieThe latest beta version of One UI 2.0 which is the Samsung interface layer on top of Android 10, is featuring an initial selfie mode for the front camera in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, to match Apple’s Slo-fie feature which debuted on the iPhone 11.  The Samsung focused  has already tested the feature and has shown that it is working but with still some performance issues to be ironed out.

For starters, the footage stutters like it is losing some frames from what looks to be a 120fps 720p capture on the front selfie camera. Then there is no real adjustment at the moment of capture allowed on the interface but there are post-recording editing and speed stretching that should allow some level of control.  It would be ideal to have access to a full manual feature on this mode, but it seems it is kind of a bolted-on software upgrade feature to allow a better feature for feature comparison with Apple. If that is the case Samsung should also allow all the cameras on the back to shoot slow motion video and not only the standard wide default cam.

One UI 2.0 feature focus: Slow motion video with the front camera by SamMobile:

The new Android 10 One UI 2.0 Samsung update should be releasing a stable beta this November for both the S10 variants and the Note 10 but a wide release should only be available once it has been tested fully and over several months.

Here is a video detailing some of the new One UI 2.0 features for these Samsung phones:

8 Cool New One UI 2.0 Features! by Beebom:

All in all a good update that brings usability closer to other Android devices like the Pixel, especially important is the new camera interface which should be able to improve on the stock camera experience and add the selfie slow motion mode.  We really wish Samsung allows slow motion to be recorded on all camera modules and not just on the standard wide cam, it would make it an easier solution to recommend over other phones like the iPhone 11.

As of now, the Apple device is the best 120fps and 240fps slow motion phone we have ever seen footage from, and we are very picky.  It is still not at the professional level but it is getting very close to cameras that cost several thousand dollars more.

To end this post here is a comparison of the Galaxy S10 vs the iPhone 11 in their camera modes. You will see that Apple can easily win here except for not having the 960fps slow motion mode and topping out at 240fps.  Apple really has a powerhouse video recorder on the iPhone 11, no doubt.

iPhone 11 VS Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Comparison! by Redskull:

Stay tuned for more information about high frame rate devices on the coming weeks, thanks for reading – HSC

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