Canon finally enters the slow motion game!


It has been nearly 6 years since the EOS 7D DSLR was introduced in September 2009. That was the last time canon offered a frame rate bump which was 720p at 60fps. It was an ok mode but highly aliased and of low quality.  Now Canon has unveiled two new cameras that jump the frame rate to 120fps.  The first camera is the all inclusive Canon XC10 which is like a new incarnation of the all in one do it all camera with some pro features that seem to separate it from cameras like the Panasonic FZ1000 MSRP $749.

Specs for the Canon XC10 4k: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 Platinum upgrade options unveiled!


The fps1000 Kickstarter camera is ramping up ever closer to final production and shipment and Graham Rowan the creator and genius mind behind these slow motion cameras has released the upgrade option path for Platinum Kickstarter backers.  Pre Order Cameras are also elegible for the upgrade pricing discussed below.  Retail cameras in the future will command a higher price.

As you can see in the table above, the upgrade path is a considerable upgrade from the standard platinum camera “Far left”. We dissect the upgrade Pros and cons for the models below: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Nikon 1 J5 Improves Slowmo Resolution!


The Nikon 1 J5 was no secret since some leaks have been out for some time.  However it is clear that the Nikon 1 line remains focused on speed be it still images or video.  However they seem to be capping the frame rates on the HD side and upping the resolution in the 1200 and 400fps ranges by a few lines. We believe the reason is product separation so that the Nikon 1 V4 will be able to have some increase in specs while having the same basic internals.

Here are the specs That have changed for Slow Motion Video: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

SFC-1M Camera 1 Million fps for under $1500!


Apr 1st 2015 – Unknown until now camera start-up company Black Square Imaging has released a rendered image of their current prototype camera the SFC-1M which aims to disrupt the slow motion camera market forever.

SFC-1M leaked Specs: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Orcavue Can Bullet Time Your Camera!


On the eve of March 31, 1999 the world was exposed to a new type of visual effect thanks to the release of a movie that changed and influenced movies for the next decade. The Bullet Time effect as it came to be known created a sense of slow motion combined with orbiting camera motion that let you for the first time move away from the constraints of a stationary or dolly only camera move.

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edgertronic for sale on eBay and HTC E9 Leak!

edgertronic for sale on ebay by: jbragg80

(UPDATE March 30th 2015)  The edgertronic camera on eBay finished without hitting the reserve price at $2350.  Camera remains unsold for the time being! No word if it will be re-listed!

The edgertronic camera has been on the top of our HSC Guide for more than a year as the best performer for the price in slow motion. It has serious specs and performance to boot. While it is only 720p it is enough to create some spectacular footage for your scientific endeavors or video/film production. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

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