fps1000 Development Status Update – February 2nd!


Graham Rowan the mind and muscle behind the fps1000 slow motion camera has given an update on the development of all the versions of the fps1000 cameras. You can see the update below or at the kickstarter page here!

fps1000:  “Just a quick update to break the silence between successful backing and production! → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Slow Motion eBay Camera Finds – January 2015!


Sometimes the best available slow motion camera is a professional one that is a used piece of gear that is sold for much much less than the original price tag.

We usually steer clear away from these cameras for the enormous prices unless we find huge deals; these still might be too expensive for the average Joe but if you have the required capital and absolutely need a serious slow motion camera on a discount now keep reading: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Hero 4 Black First 240fps Video Out!


Gizmodo got an exclusive look at the new firmware for the GoPro Hero 4 Black that adds new features including the coveted 240fps at 720p mode. From the sample video they posted it looks like a very good quality upgrade to an already good camera. It is great that GoPro is letting the inner power of the camera surface and show it’s full potential. It will also shoot 2.7k Video at 60fps a consumer first!

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In part one and part two of this article series we took a good  look at the free options available to take care of flicker for timelapse, regular footage and high speed over-crank video. For part 3 and 4 we will look at the paid options.


Back when the digital timelapse craze in the early part of the last decade was in it’s infancy there were no real options for flickering adjustment for timelapse sequences.  In came GBDeflicker from Granite Bay Software in California. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

GH4 firmware update 2.1 – No Slowmo Improvements!


Today Panasonic has released the GH4 Firmware v2.1.  It is mainly a usability/performance and external recorder update. No slow motion bit rate or frame rate improvements on this release. We analyzed a before and after on the files and detected no change in data.  However recorded 4k footage has performance improvements.  It is good to see that the camera continues to be updated by Panasonic and adding features filmmakers care about.

The following features are included: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Mediatek 480fps MT6795 Devices Out in 2015!


China Mobile Mag  is reporting on a leaked “original source here” road map that states that the MT6795 phone chip is being released in handsets before the end of Q1 2015.

chinamobilemag.com says: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

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