Axiom Camera Might do 300fps at 4k!


The open source camera AXIOM by apertus promises to be the first real solution with open source code to fully control and push the limits of a professional camera for a low price.

The latest specs hint at a possible 300fps at full 4k resolution for their 2015 AXIOM Gamma release which will be in the realm of fantasy for the majority of people without a Bentley or Veyron parked outside your front door. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

GoPro Hero 4 Drops 240fps! (Updated)


It’s confirmed, the Hero 4 has no 720p 240fps mode like the PetaPixel release claimed.

The camera however does offer a 240p mode in the WVGA mode at Ultra Wide Setting With just 848*480  pixels 16 by 9.  Not enough resolution to reach HD but good to have over standard VGA. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

iPhone 6 Slow Motion Samples!

We have gathered a few iPhone 6 slow motion samples that show the strength and weaknesses of the phone.  Noise wise it is a great performer and the quality of the codec looks to be very good.  Aliasing and moire is still a problem as there seems to be some line skipping to generate 120fps and 240fps. There is also a drop in quality in 240p compared to 120p. We estimate that more likes are skipped to get to 240p but it is still not to bad a drop.

We however can deem it the best quality slow motion from a phone so far released.  You can’t go wrong with the iPhone 6 as a slow motion portable device, especially if your phone contract is renewing.  Competition will heat up in the slow motion phone race when Mediatek releases phones by the end of this year with higher capabilities and full HD 1080p. Until those are released and tested the iPhone 6 is kind of the slow-mo phones…Enjoy the samples! → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony PXW-FS7 4k Camcorder does 180fps


Last Friday it was announced  that the rumored successor to the FS700 slow motion camera will launch but there were inaccuracies in the rumors. The presented camera the PXW-FS7 4k will not be the successor to the FS700 but a camera sold as a new product line. No direct replacement for the FS700 was mentioned. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

iPhone 6 Slow-Mo Sample Videos 120p 240p

Photographer & filmmaker Austin Mann got himself an iPhone 6 Plus with a trip to Iceland and managed to get some incredible pictures and footage including 120fps and 240fps video samples from the device.

In his review video he also shoots alongside the iPhone 5s to see the improvements in the camera which are plentiful. See the review on his site here or the video below: → Continue Reading Full Post ←

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