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Panasonic Responds to V-Log L Activation Issues!


Yesterday a group of users of the Panasonic GH4 noticed that you could get V-Log L activated on the GH4 camera without paying for it by use of the Wifi Mobile device app and some tinkering.   At first it seemed like too good to be true but as some tests already have shown it is the real deal. However Panasonic already is working to correct the issue and has issued a statement on the matter.

While it was possible to do it be aware that the activation of this feature was not intended to be available this way and as Panasonic points out it can have repercussions in the operation of the Zebra and Histogram functions behaving erratically or not as expected. While many users were disappointed about the $99 price tag for the feature it is also encouraging to see many early adopters of the feature or the workaround buy the actual product as they like to support Panasonic in adding features to their cameras that are needed by professionals as in the case of V-Log. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony FS5 Offers Quality FHD Slow Motion!


The newly announced Sony PXW-FS5 Professional camcorder is like a hybrid of the venerable FS700 of 2012 and last years darling the Sony FS7.   It however offers a lot in the way of portability with it’s small profile and a slow motion mode akin to that in the RX100 IV and RX10 II.    It seems to be a refined higher resolution mode of the FS700’s slow motion capabilities with better dynamic range and less artifacts to boot. Call it FS700 slowmo v2.0!

The camera comes with an HFR High Frame Rate mode akin to what was introduced in the lower end Sony line this year.  You get 120fps recording in full sensor full HD for 16 seconds, 240fps full sensor full HD for 8 seconds. Higher frame rates are as of now not known in duration or frame size quality but according to reps they should be a step up from the FS700 camera. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

GH4 VLog Mode Will Cost You $99!


Back from vacation break “thanks for hanging in there” and not much has happened, we expect big news from Apple tomorrow but in the camera world everything has been subdued when it comes to news.    The Panasonic GH4 did get some news as the camera will now get the chance to be upgraded with V-Log high dynamic range flat profile mode but it comes at a $99 USD cost.  As to why this cost was added it’s anybody’s guess but we think it may have to do with protecting their higher end camera line by making the barrier of entry a little harder for GH4 owners.   We find it to be not too expensive but kind of a disappointment as a very small minority of the  user base will actually upgrade. Most people will not grade their footage with LUTs to get the color and contrast back to a usable level and would rather opt for the already pretty good profiles like Cinelike D and Cinelike V that come standard with the GH4.

As to the impact for the VLog update on the Panasonic GH4  you can expect a very flat profile and an increase in Dynamic Range from 10 stops standard to 12 stops in this mode.  Those blown out skies and cut off shadows will get more chance to shine now. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Odyssey7Q+ Recorder Does High Speed Video!


The Odyssey7Q+ by convergent design has always been able to record faster than normal frame rates but now it is able to do so directly into Pro Res bypassing RAW capture all-together which yielded massive file sizes.  With the new ProRes recording workflow you can use more high frame rate capture in your productions without needing new hard drive arrays. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony RX100 IV Philip Bloom Short Film!


Renowned filmmaker / DP and all around nice guy Philip Bloom has been having fun with both the Sony RX10 II and RX100 IV this past few days.  He has tested the slow motion and 4k modes extensively and has done a fantastic rundown of the usability, performance and pitfalls on using the cameras.  There are a lot of interesting tidbits that He discovered such as the 240fps NTSC and 250fps PAL modes are nearly HD in quality and extremely usable very close to what the much more expensive Sony FS700 camera achieves.

When recording the 2 second quality priority mode it records back to the SD card in Real time that means a 2 second video at 240fps will take 20 seconds if saved as 24p for the frame count of 480 frames duration.  At 480fps  for 2 seconds  of 960 frames it will take 40 seconds of write time to the SD card.  This is in line with most slow motion cameras and it is a point to be considered while using the HFR modes.  You will have to plan ahead as the camera will be unavailable for use for quite a long time before the next shot is ready to be taken. This is a normal thing in most high speed cameras. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony RX10 II and RX100 IV New Footage Surfaces!


Over the past week some footage from Sony and other real world uses has been surfacing.  Many shows off the super slow motion modes and others tout the performance in 4k.  The quality is for the most part good but not great and shows a clear aliasing and moire resolution loss at 480fps and 960fps.  The codec at 50 Mbit is quite good and is not the weak link, the cameras suffer from line skipping as the readout frame rate increases to below 720p resolution in real terms while being saved on a 1080p wrapper.

We have compiled a series of footage samples found on the net for you to look at. Some are outright high speed samples and others are interface walk through samples. It should give a good idea of what quality we are talking about. → Continue Reading Full Post ←