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fps1000 Gets a New Case and More Memory!


A lot has been happening behind the scenes with the fps1000 camera and we get a glimpse of those in the latest update published today by Graham Rowan.  Many are waiting impatiently for the camera but have decided to wait it out to get a better and more solid product.  If you look at the early fps1000 camera design the current iterations are light years ahead in capability and build quality. That of course comes at a cost in both price and time but it is nothing sort of a small miracle that the camera continues to progress further with more iterations of the motherboard and aiming to pass EMC and FCC Testing in order to ship.

There is a lot to digest in the update and we will post and analyze the information below. We have cleared a couple of points with the creator in order to have  a more informed opinion but on the whole we feel a camera be it the silver, gold or platinum will probably ship by the end of this year or early 2016. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 First Footage and Ready for Production!


Today fps1000 has released an update that shows the camera working with LCD touch functions and playback along with visible live three color histogram and frame advance display.  Also the cameras are feature complete when it comes to hardware for the Silver, Gold and Platinum models. Software will continue to be improved as time goes on but the main standard use features are complete. Record, Trim and Playback are already in there along with a full player and scrub feature with capacitive touch fluidity.

The cameras will have to go through CE and FCC for Electro Magnetic Compatibility testing EMC before being shipped to comply with regulations in the US and Europe. This is to rule out interference problems and emission of radio waves above pre-defined limits.  A Camera like the fps1000 should pass certification easily as there is no Wifi module in there.  The camera will emit some radiation from the LCD and electronics but should pass with flying colors. → Continue Reading Full Post ←