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Ono U1 480fps Smartphone Updated Info!

The Ono U1 Smartphone reported in a post at HSC earlier this year was stuck between scam-land and outright vaporware with it’s claim of 1080p 480fps video mode based on the Mediatek Helios X10 chip.  However it seems the Ono team has persisted and a phone that has been evolving with new features like a fingerprint reader, laser AF,  4GB of RAM, NFC and now Android Marshmallow might see the light of day as soon as the third or fourth week in November.

There has been a lot of interest with this particular phone and with good reason, it could become the phone to beat regarding portable slow motion capable devices. As a Smartphone it will be no slouch is the specs are solid and the phone eventually ships which is still up in the air. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Readers Questions August 2015!


Here are some of the most asked questions received from our readers in the past two months about slow motion gear , phones and other imaging devices:

Q) What will the iPhone 6s be able to do? → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Summer Slow Motion Fun!


Summer can be fun but it also can be quite dull for camera releases; most of the exciting cameras have already been released and nothing really big will surface until September like the iPhone 6 replacement or a new GoPro Hero camera.  This however opens the window to admire some of the latest high speed videos shot around the web. They originate from cheap cameras to ultra expensive mortgage your home systems.   Price however is no match for creativity and outright luck in capturing these phenomena.

So in the spirit of enjoyment sit back, relax and have some fun watching some amazing high speed footage. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony Xperia M5 Offers Waterproof 120fps!


The new Sony Xperia M5 and M5 Dual smartphones sporting android 5.0 make use of the Mediatek Helio X10 chipset which is capable in specs of 480fps 1080p video. However you will not find that high end spec in these phones even when the phone and sensor combination should be able to support it.  You still get slow motion but the plain vanilla 120fps 720p that you’ve grown accustomed to while browsing for high end smartphones. The phone is waterproof but as advised by Sony it should not be fully immersed as the charging port is uncovered. It should be however rain and splash proof without much worry. If you wanted to take underwater pictures in the ocean, the Sony Xperia M5 phones will not allow you to do this unless they are in a waterproof external case.

Sony Xperia M5 and M5 Dual Specs:


  • Main camera 21.5 MP Exmor RS with Hybrid AF F2.2 with ISO up to 3200
  • Front camera 13 MP Exmor RS with AF

HSC: The main camera is very powerful at 21.5MP and should be responsive in multi shot burst environments, the sensor is one of the latest in the Sony Exmor series and should be a BSI design with great low light performance. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Ono U1 Promises 480fps Full HD for $199!


Out of seemingly nowhere a new smartphone competitor Ono has sprung up with a pretty slick phone that finally claims a smartphone called the Ono U1 which will do 480fps full HD using the Mediatek Helios X10 chipset released earlier this year. The company seems to be a collaboration from engineers and designers from India, France and Germany.   Anand Kumar the CEO of Ono and mind behind the phone strives to make it available to everyone in the world at a very low pre order price of $199.00 USD.

The specs of the Ono U1:
  • 480fps Full HD 1080p Video
  • 20 Megapixel Back Camera
  • 8 Megapixel Front Camera
  • 2560 x 1440px 2k Res – 16 million colors
  • 5.5″ Display
  • 4000mAH battery
  • Micro/nano Dual sim
  • 3GB Dual Channel LP DDR3 RAM
  • Gorilla Glass 4
  • 4G LTE
  • Mediatek Helio X10 Processor -480fps
  • Dual Color LED Flash
  • RadialOS- Simplified Speedy Android Compatible With Android apps.
  • Pre Order Price $199 USD Worldwide.

The specs are actually quite good and especially impressive for the low introductory price tag.  It reminds of of the Chinese company One Plus which introduced the low cost but very capable and no compromise One phone a year ago. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Mike Matter creator of edgertronic – Q&A


During the review of the edgertronic camera; HSC asked Mike Matter the brains behind it a series of questions “some submitted by our readers” regarding past present and future of the high speed camera market, sensors and where things are going in the camera market. Many of his answers are very detailed and offer a glimpse into his own efforts and how he sees the future evolving with the continual adoption of high speed capable devices.

Mike Matter from Sanstreak/edgertronic Interview: → Continue Reading Full Post ←