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fps1000 HD Launches with New Kickstarter Campaign!

fps1000 HD

The fps1000 camera has gone through many iterations while being perfected and now it has made what seems like the last big change.  Now sporting a metallic front plate with five cooling fans and an improved sensor; the fps1000 HD is a re-birth of the fps1000 Double Platinum with a perfected design and tested operation.

The new campaign is requesting funding for the fps1000 HD as a way to expand component purchasing and manufacturing for the company.  Graham Rowan the creator has stated that all previous orders from Campaign #1 and the ones made online since then will be fulfilled soon regardless of the campaign outcome and the time frame shortened by the new funds if the campaign is successful. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

CANON EOS C700 AND XC15 Announced!


Canon has been in the news lately considering its 5D Mark IV refresh that gathered a lot of attention from it’s improvements in photo quality but shortcomings when it comes to video mode. Today they released a new Camera the Canon EOS C700 which is now at the top of their cinema line in both cost and features; the other is a refresh named the XC15 of last year’s XC10 which was a strange camera by any measure.

Both of these two new products by Canon have higher frame rates as options for recording which we monitor closely. There is a huge hurdle to get in on the C700with a $28,000 USD price tag without modules. The XC15 is much lower at the $2,399 USD MSRP mark. We dig in in what it means for slow motion shooters when it comes to this gear below → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Hasselblad True Zoom Signaling the Future?

Hasselblad True Zoom moto mods

The recently announced Hasselblad True Zoom is an add on module for the Moto Z + Moto Mods™ smartphone platform which lets you add modules to your already very capable phone to increase it’s feature set.  A Pico Projector, a much larger battery, a JBL speaker set and now the Hasselblad True Zoom 10x Optical zoom are the current back plate options for this new ecosystem.

What may look like a gimmick to some; it may be the advent of a personalized and very powerful experience for the future of smartphone use. What if you could add the advantages of a larger camera sensor and higher frame rates with built in processing to your phone when needed. What if you could add a built in microscope back plate to the phone for biologists on the field or a sensor module for tracking scientific concepts with the phone as a central part of experiments. The sky seems to be the limit here. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Panavision DXL Makes 8k 75fps possible!

Panavision DXL

Panavision the company that brought you the Genesis digital cinema camera which many credit for jump starting true digital cinematography for the big screen has done it again with the Panavision DXL.  An 8k 8192 x 4320 camera capable of recording higher frame rates at that resolution than what many 4k resolution options have still to achieve.

The company doesn’t offer a table or indication of slow motion high speed frame rates in the specs as the maximum frame rate they tout is 75fps at 8K 2.4:1 (8192 x 3456) which is slightly shorter in the vertical frame than the full capability which maxes at 60fps at the highest resolution. RED is heavily involved in the DXL by supplying the sensor, color science, REDCODE RAW Codec and many design cues. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Olympus TG-Tracker Has 240fps HD Video!


The Just announced Olympus TG-Tracker Action Camera is something of a cross between an ultra-portable camcorder and a Sony Action Cam. It has a flip LCD screen, 4k 30p video, built in LED light at 30 Lumens Continuous, GoPro Mount compatibility, No need for a housing, Sensors that record vector data much like the Garmin VIRB of last year and pretty good ruggedness.

The action camera space is getting more crowded and the Olympus TG-Tracker must work overtime to get attention away from Sony and GoPro Hero as the established leaders.  As to the ruggedness of the camera Olympus claims 100ft water tightness which may seem optimistic but doable. → Continue Reading Full Post ←