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fps1000 HD is Funded Now Offers 3D Camera!

fps1000 hd final case

The fps1000 HD Kickstarter project has surpassed it’s funding goal by nearly twice the amount requested and with only a 2 and 1/2 days left it may be able to do substantially better considering the home stretch push.  It certainly has garnered a lot of attention from the camera enthusiast market and it may cement even more the longevity of now known The Slow Motion Camera Company Limited as an established retail option and separate itself from a mostly Kickstarter backed product.

We also have new images from the case and a few tidbits on what may be possible to do for 3D slow motion which is a a field relegated to a few labs and 3D Hollywood productions that need high speed shots shot in stereo.  The fps1000 HD has an option for you to do 720p high speed video in full stereo to use in a 3D production or scientific endeavor.  It is pertinent to say that other cameras including the edgertronic SC1 and SC2 can be rigged to shoot in 3D easily with Genlock due to their size. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

iPhone 7 Slow Motion Tests and Examples!

iPhone 7 Slow Motion

We waited long enough and now we have real world samples and comparison tests from the iPhone 7 in regards to higher frame rates. The iPhone 6s was the king of slow motion quality last year and now there were high hopes for the iPhone 7 to continue that reign however what comes down to is a mix of technology stagnation with a measure of slight improvement when it comes to shutter speed control and detail.

The iPhone 7 does 120fps 1080p as well as 720p at 240fps which is the same spec as last year’s iPhone 6s and a continuation of the feature. It has been used in many productions big and small as a crash camera for hard to get shots and some fun slow motion YouTube clips. The iPhone 7 may not be the best slow motion phone out there when it comes to quality but since it is the most ubiquitous; we are sure to see it grace your screen more often than the competition. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 HD RAW samples made available!

fps1000 hd interface

The fps1000 HD Kickstarter campaign is going strong with 16 days left for funding and 80% is already covered with 22 backers.  Graham Rowan the creator of the camera with the help of Dan Kanes the shooter has made a few updates where details about the functions of the camera have been explored further along with new image samples made available in RAW DNG format.  

While you will not get dynamic range or the quality of a DSLR in these files, it sure looks like you can extract a lot of detail and dynamic range from this smaller sensor DNG files. We estimate about 2 stops of highlight protection can be achieved. Read on for more info… → Continue Reading Full Post ←

iPhone 7 Slow Motion Remains The Same!

iPhone 7 camera

There was a lot of expectation regarding the slow motion capability of the iPhone 7.  Apple has been dominating the spec since the early days on the iPhone 4s. However while the processing and sensor quality have improved; the resolution and frame rates have stayed the same in the iPhone 7.   There are huge speed increases and much more memory available to do a lot of things in video but Apple has chosen to stay at the same spec level in it’s latest phone.

The slow motion performance of the phone has improved with every iteration when it comes to quality and it will probably have a better dynamic range rating as well as better overall noise control. The spec remains at the top range in smart phones but it is not pushing the boundaries of what can be done in current hardware. We were expecting 480fps at 720p and 240fps at 1080p as possibly moving forward with the feature. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 HD Launches with New Kickstarter Campaign!

fps1000 HD

The fps1000 camera has gone through many iterations while being perfected and now it has made what seems like the last big change.  Now sporting a metallic front plate with five cooling fans and an improved sensor; the fps1000 HD is a re-birth of the fps1000 Double Platinum with a perfected design and tested operation.

The new campaign is requesting funding for the fps1000 HD as a way to expand component purchasing and manufacturing for the company.  Graham Rowan the creator has stated that all previous orders from Campaign #1 and the ones made online since then will be fulfilled soon regardless of the campaign outcome and the time frame shortened by the new funds if the campaign is successful. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

CANON EOS C700 AND XC15 Announced!


Canon has been in the news lately considering its 5D Mark IV refresh that gathered a lot of attention from it’s improvements in photo quality but shortcomings when it comes to video mode. Today they released a new Camera the Canon EOS C700 which is now at the top of their cinema line in both cost and features; the other is a refresh named the XC15 of last year’s XC10 which was a strange camera by any measure.

Both of these two new products by Canon have higher frame rates as options for recording which we monitor closely. There is a huge hurdle to get in on the C700with a $28,000 USD price tag without modules. The XC15 is much lower at the $2,399 USD MSRP mark. We dig in in what it means for slow motion shooters when it comes to this gear below → Continue Reading Full Post ←