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fps1000 HD Kickstarter October Progress Report!

fps1000 HD Update Progress October 2016

Graham Rowan the creator of the fps1000 HD high speed camera project and founder of the Slow motion camera company Ltd. has posted a big progress report that backers of the project have anticipated for a few weeks.  It is now reported that the campaign funds have been released by Kickstarter and can be applied to fulfill component orders.

Rowan has been busy building the component assembly pipeline and securing part orders from PCBs to sensors and memory.  According to the update fps1000 HD cameras should begin shipping with near certainty by the end of November or early December this year. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 HD is Funded Now Offers 3D Camera!

fps1000 hd final case

The fps1000 HD Kickstarter project has surpassed it’s funding goal by nearly twice the amount requested and with only a 2 and 1/2 days left it may be able to do substantially better considering the home stretch push.  It certainly has garnered a lot of attention from the camera enthusiast market and it may cement even more the longevity of now known The Slow Motion Camera Company Limited as an established retail option and separate itself from a mostly Kickstarter backed product.

We also have new images from the case and a few tidbits on what may be possible to do for 3D slow motion which is a a field relegated to a few labs and 3D Hollywood productions that need high speed shots shot in stereo.  The fps1000 HD has an option for you to do 720p high speed video in full stereo to use in a 3D production or scientific endeavor.  It is pertinent to say that other cameras including the edgertronic SC1 and SC2 can be rigged to shoot in 3D easily with Genlock due to their size. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 HD RAW samples made available!

fps1000 hd interface

The fps1000 HD Kickstarter campaign is going strong with 16 days left for funding and 80% is already covered with 22 backers.  Graham Rowan the creator of the camera with the help of Dan Kanes the shooter has made a few updates where details about the functions of the camera have been explored further along with new image samples made available in RAW DNG format.  

While you will not get dynamic range or the quality of a DSLR in these files, it sure looks like you can extract a lot of detail and dynamic range from this smaller sensor DNG files. We estimate about 2 stops of highlight protection can be achieved. Read on for more info… → Continue Reading Full Post ←