Chronos 1.4 Footage From Final Camera is Great!

Chronos 1.4 Footage

The Chronos 1.4 has been shipping to early bird backers for the past week and the cameras continue to be produced at a hectic pace. We are sharing footage from the final production camera that user Gyppor received and needless to say it is quite good.  The resolution being 1280*1024 at its highest option or 1280*720p  HD as a more common mode creates a pleasing image with very little aliasing and good noise control.

The Luxima Technology  LUX1310 2/3 sized sensor is delivering very good performance that is closer to a 1″ due to the big pixel sizes at 6.6µm compared to say a Galaxy S8 at 1.2µm, these pixels are gigantic.  Even comparing a 1″ Sensor in the Sony RX100 V camera at 2.4µm bodes well for the Chronos 1.4 with nearly 3 times the size.

While this is due mainly to the resolution aspect; it should be noted that the quality delivered in dynamic range + light gathering should match the best DSLRs out there or exceed them.  The Canon 5D Mark IV, for example, has a full frame 35mm sensor with a pixel pitch of 5.36µm which is smaller than the Chronos still with its 6.6µm .

The Chronos, however, can make exposures at 1μs microsecond or 1/1,000,000 One millionth of a second. DSLRs cannot even get close to matching this at a current best of 1/8000th of a second for mirrored versions and in the case of Sony mirrorless Stacked sensors, 1/32,000 and both use a rolling shutter sensor design. The Chronos is using a scientifically sound global shutter with no rolling shutter artifacts. This is usable in a laboratory setting with measurements that are not made unusable by the readout of rolling shutter. This is one aspect that dedicated cameras still have over commercial cameras that shoot slow motion.

Chronos 1.4 Footage Samples – Production Units:

All the footage below is from Gyppor’s Youtube Channel Subscribe Here for more!

Chronos 1.4 – circular saw 1,500 to 38,000 fps by Gyppor:

Tomato exploding at 6600 fps (Chronos 1.4) by Gyppor:

Wasp Queen Flying @ 4300fps, Chronos 1.4 by Gyppor:

New Update at the Chronos Kickstarter page shows more production images and new Forum for the users of the camera:

Update by David Kronstein:

Expect to start seeing a lot more Chronos footage starting tomorrow, the first 9 cameras shipped off today! They should arrive Friday in North America, and early next week elsewhere in the world. The rest of the Earlybird batch should go out today and Monday. Thanks everyone for your patience!

We also now have a forum for Chronos users to discuss high-speed video, camera operation, ask questions, etc. You can access the forum at

Here are some pictures from today:

Calibrated and inspected cameras ready to ship out
Calibrated and inspected cameras ready to ship out
Backer #1's camera!
Backer #1’s camera!
Calibrated cameras ready for final inspection and serial number engraving
Calibrated cameras ready for final inspection and serial number engraving

We will have more footage and samples from the Chronos 1.4 when it becomes available. We will also receive our own camera very soon for review and lab work so stay tuned! -HSC

More information about the Chronos 1.4 and ordering directly from the official website:

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