Edgertronic Updates Software to v2.1.7!


The edgertronic affordable high speed professional camera continues it’s software development and occasional fixes to issues that can pop up during extensive use. The new version which is v2.1.7 has a new FTP daemon which allows you to transfer files from the camera to a host computer on the network using the FTP protocol.

The previously released forced monochrome feature for color cameras also makes a solid feature release on this version of the software. This will allow you to use your color camera as a Monochrome version with some benefits but it will not be as good in low light or as detailed as a true Monochrome version of the camera.

The edgertronic camera still occupies the first spot in our affordable high speed camera guide here!  This is a testament of the quality, software support and professional dependability of the camera.

edgertronic EDRMono

Software Version 2.1.7 Information:

“Software Version 2.1.7 is now available for download and adds a number of useful new features:
1) FTP daemon is enabled
2) Fixed corner case defect that can show up when saving a video
3) Reduced calibration frequency
To update your camera, go to: http://wiki.edgertronic.com/index.php/Software_releases and follow the instructions carefully. As always, our software updates are FREE!

Improvements over software release version 2.1:

  • Added Enhanced Dynamic Range EDR
  • Added Force Monochrome for color cameras
  • FTP daemon is enabled
  • Fixed corner case defect that can show up when saving a video
  • Reduced calibration frequency
  • Added preferences tab in setting modal and removed Advanced Settings button. EDR and force monochrome settings are in the preferences tab.
  • Save and restore user setting when updating software after camera is updated to 2.1.6.
  • Fixed a calibration defect that occurs with some video capture settings when subsample is enabled.
  • Added support for setting the camera clock using NTP Network Time Protocol.
  • Added support for triggering a set of cameras using Multicast Network Trigger.
  • Added internal manufacturing test calibration procedures.
  • Fixed Smart Calibrate related defect.
  • Change the default for Smart Calibrate to enabled.

The Software Version 2.2 will also be coming soon:

Software Version 2.2 – Coming Soon …
We’ve been busy working on Software Version 2.2 which we expect to release in a week or two. It’s in final test now and here are some of the new features that will be in 2.2:

There’s a lot more in 2.2, but we want to save a few surprises for the official release.”

Sample footage of the edgertronic camera from our review:

You can see our extensive full three part review of the edgertronic camera here if you are interested in buying the camera:


Hummer with Edgertronic and Strobes by Roy Dunn!

More information about the camera and to see pricing and ordering information please visit: 


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