Ono U1 480fps Smartphone Updated Info!

The Ono U1 Smartphone reported in a post at HSC earlier this year was stuck between scam-land and outright vaporware with it’s claim of 1080p 480fps video mode based on the Mediatek Helios X10 chip.  However it seems the Ono team has persisted and a phone that has been evolving with new features like a fingerprint reader, laser AF,  4GB of RAM, NFC and now Android Marshmallow might see the light of day as soon as the third or fourth week in November.

Ono U1 Smartphone Prototype from the Factory : On the Left

There has been a lot of interest with this particular phone and with good reason, it could become the phone to beat regarding portable slow motion capable devices. As a Smartphone it will be no slouch is the specs are solid and the phone eventually ships which is still up in the air.

Update: Pre order time has ended Ono has a new URL site here:


The Early backer or pre order price of $199 for the Ono U1 was $199 and that is set to expire tomorrow on the 29th of October after that the price will jump to $379:

Deadline for Pre Ordering the Ono U1. Order at your own risk!

Warning:  While the phone may or may not ship it is entirely your responsibility to buy or support this phone with your money. If it doesn’t materialize you were warned.  Make sure you confirm Paypal buyer protection before ordering.  HSC is just informing of developments in the slow motion industry and is in no way recommending buying any products listed on this website including the Ono U1.   Do your own due diligence, HSC is in no way affiliated with Ono or other manufacturers.

What about the Slow Motion 480fps?

This is where things get a bit fuzzy regarding the information as no video sample or solid confirmation really exists but from their Facebook posts we can shed some light into what is happening when it comes to the slow motion 480fps 1080p feature. At least what we think is happening which may all be smoke and mirrors until we have a working unit to test. Facebook posts follow:


HSC: They mention interpolation which is a software feature however they also hint to real frame rate support. The Mediatek Helios X10 does support 480fps at 1080p as one of it’s main flagship features.


HSC: So all in all it seems they are working on it to be shipped as  a feature on the phone or activated a short time later as they get the feature working in the Phone as a firmware update at a later time while the interpolation mode is included as an option which are not real frames so artifacts will show up. Below are two more conversations that shed more light:


HSC: So they confirm they have designed the circuitry to support 480fps and that interpolation will also be in the software is needed in the camera module interface.  It will be a matter of the coders unlocking the feature to work with the phone.  However until we actually see the phone recording 480fps it is all up in the air.  There is no firm information to qualify it as marked in stone.

We encourage the Ono U1 team to post the slow motion feature support in detail and their plan for it in the phone specs with no run-arounds.  Digging into Facebook posts to get a sense of the final slow motion feature is not exactly a faith encouraging exercise.  

Picture of the Ono U1 Prototype lock-screen with Radial OS their own breed of Android.

Final U1 Specs as Posted on their Facebook Page:

“The final specs of the U1. We will update the band within the stipulated time frame as we are double confirming the initial information garnered from the factory. In the best interest of our Pioneer`s we will run a second confirmation. This is crucial as we do not want anyone to make a mistake when it comes to the frequency bands in respect to countries that the beast would be wandering off to. More to follow is the slow motion recording update (sensor update 😛 ) bands, and PayPal notary. Thank you for your patience and support.

Brand U1 Labs@U1

“The Beast”

Dimensions: 157×76,8×9,4

Operating System
RadialOS (based on Android Marshmallow 6.0)
Stagefright Patch Included

MTK6795 Octa Core, 2.2GHz (Helio X10)
Cpu Governor Tuned By U1 Labs

PowerVR Rogue G6200



Expandable Storage

Capacitive touch screen

Screen size : 5.5 inch
Screen resolution : 2560×1440 2K pixel screen
538 Pixel Density
Screen color : 16M colours

Wireless connectivity :GSM, 4G, 3G, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth

GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
FDD-LTE 1900/1700/2100/700/850 or 850/1800/2600/2100 (Awaiting Final Confirmation)
Within 24 hours

Bluetooth : Yes, 4.0
WiFi : Yes, Support 2.4G/5G Band, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
GPS : Yes, GPS/Glonnas/BDS, tri-mode GPS, also support A-GPS
NFC : Supported

Camera type : Dual cameras (one front one back)
Back camera : 20.0MP with dual flash and Laser focus, Up to 4536*3024 pixels resolution, Support 1080P video record
Front camera : 8.0MP
Video recording : Yes

Dual SIM, Dual standby
TF card slot
Micro USB slot v2.0
3.5mm audio out port
Microphone Supported
Speaker Supported
Fingerprint Sensor Supported

Video – 3GP, MP4, RMVB
Audio format – WAV, AMR, MP3
Image format – GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
FM radio : Yes

Language Pack
Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Croatian, Isizulu, Italian, Swahili, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romansh, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Burmese, Cambodian, Korean, Japanese, Traditional/Simplified,Chinese

Additional features
Miracast, Hotknot, Smart wake, Gravity sensor, Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Gyro LED notification

Battery Lithium
Capacity 4000mAh
Standby time : About 2~3 days (Expected)

Package Contents

1 × Phone
1 × Battery
1 × USB cable
1 × User manual
1 × Power adapter (AC Adapter will be sent as your shipping
Single Unit Copper U1 Labs Earphone for Pioneers who have Pre-Ordered.

Pre-order period will end within 3 days.

Cheers Guys”

So what should I do?

We don’t intend to encourage you to buy any product including the On U1 at HSC, we are just informing on our findings. However we have Pre-ordered an Ono U1 ourselves and will test out if the slow motion mode is solid.  We expect to receive the phone by the end of November and will be shooting with it and testing accordingly.  If all pans out we will issue a review then and then you can make your decision to order or not.  There is no guarantee that a phone will be shipped but we were willing to give Ono the benefit of the doubt.  Their pre orders are due tomorrow at $199 and then the price will go up considerably to $379 USD.   Pioneers as pre order people are called get a great deal if everything is true and the phone pans out. If not then it will be a matter of Paypal buyer protection being contacted and honoring.  After all this time it seems Ono is serious and has a product to sell. We just want to see it in the flesh before doing any outright recommendation.

If you decide to order good luck but you have been warned if it goes south!

More information about the Ono U1 on Facebook Here! 

More information about the Ono U1 on their site here www.wearono.com!

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19 thoughts on “Ono U1 480fps Smartphone Updated Info!”

  1. Well, they confirmed to me that they will use interpolation on the phone, that made me cancel the order a very while ago..

    We are using an omnivision sensor paired with the helio x10. Our engineers have enabled the 480fps feature. Sorry if you didnt get what exactly we are trying to convey. Even our screen is 538 ppi screen that is right behind the Samsung s6 at 557 ppi. Video softwart interpolation have been added to the camers ui to take full advantage of the camera and slow mo capabilities. How is this a lie dear?

    We can assure you we use Helio X10 and not rebranded SOC

    Salvador Almaraz Patiño
    It is a deal breaker because you said 480fps and sure, the camera will report 480 but the truth is that it is 240 with half the frames of the final video just being copy-pasted, it is simply put, NOT 480 as I said before, the screen, i am not complaining about the screen at all, I am complaining about the camera. If you tell me that 480 will be true 480 at lower resolutions, I am fie with it, hell i even expected that, but 480 interpolated is not 480 however you want to sell it, what ever you need to say about it, it is not, it is just pure math and physics.
    It is like resolution, just because you enlarge a 360p image to 4K that does not mean it looks better. It is really not that complicated. I really, really suggest you ad an * where you say it is 480fps capable and below the page you say “*480fps is interpolated” Because a shiny software switch that says 480 does not make it a true 480 capable phone.

    No problem. I think you misunderstood. Our 480fps feature is based on the Helio SOC as well. Software bases interpolation is needed as there is no camera ui that supports this type of capture at 480fps at this point. But if you still insist on a refund. We will kindly oblige. Ps a simple search on YouTube will show you an example on how a demo helio x10 does this according to MTK. We are sorry you feel that we have misled you. We have not. Everything we have advertised are in line with the SOC capabilities. We still stand firm that our setup can capture at

    1. Where did you get this info, can you point to the discussion online? If they did in fact do only interpolation then it is false advertising.

      1. I contacted them on facebook, would have captured as it is a private message but it was too long to do so, but still yes, it is false advertising and I told them that and I quote again

        “It is a deal breaker because you said 480fps and sure, the camera will report 480 but the truth is that it is 240 with half the frames of the final video just being copy-pasted, it is simply put, NOT 480”

        And their reply..

        “No problem. I think you misunderstood. Our 480fps feature is based on the Helio SOC as well. Software bases interpolation is needed as there is no camera ui that supports this type of capture at 480fps at this point.”

        So yeah, immediately I asked for a refund and they actually did It, now, I am missing the phone because it looks cool and all but I needed it for the 480fps not because of anything else so, I am still happy I cancelled it after they confirmed it is interpolated video and not true 480 fps 🙁 hope this helps and you can dig more into it informing people… because what is the difference to using this phone and something like twixtor or some interpolating software? 240 is still 240fps.. If you need the whole message, pictures, video, what ever, let me know.

          1. Yeah, if it turns out to be real 480 I will have to kick my self but it is still too good to be true, and if it is, hopefully many phones will follow or even pocket cameras.

          2. Technology will always march forward and at a lower price, don’t think you have missed much.

  2. For the moment I do because as of today there is No other camera that even promises to record 480 at any given resolution for that price, the casio pocket cameras are pretty awful and not even that cheap so yeah, if it is true 480, for the price it was before then I did loose something FOR NOW, sooner more will follow the steps of FPS1000 and we all be happy but for now, when I am needing it the most there is no better option on sight.

  3. Hi This is a SCAM. please dont buy. Please see their facebook page. check image carefully. They are posting forged imaged. The time displayed is 10:30. while red dot show 6. Its that strange. People this image is Photoshopped. trust me. They are SCAM. https://www.facebook.com/u1labs/photos/pb.323353111187575.-2207520000.1450423625./423454067844145/?type=3&theater
    The video is also fake. Its shot intentionally cutting upper and lower of the phone to hide its identity. They didn’t even show settings to confirm the build details and model, manufacturer. Also, there phone was supposed to have hardware keys but this video showing soft keys at the bottom. Please note carefully. If you really want a real video. Ask Anand to hold phone in his hand and start video showing his face and then show settings. Also, this is not Radial OS its just stock android ROM , This is not what is advertised for 6 months. They are fooling everyone. #conquer #u1labs #thebeast #flagshipkiller

    1. Please use legal channels to peruse your claim. These forum should be used for camera information not diffamation or other campaigns. Please refrain from posting more unless it is constructive.

    1. We will love to see a sample of 480fps first and the real phone functioning instead of renders. It will probably get there and the fact that they continue to release new info is a good sign. Wish them well.

  4. Hello, have you got any chance to try the Ono U1 since it is already available for purchase? Due to the 2k screen and the fingerprint sensor I am thinking of switching my xperia Z2 for that phone, as I said earlier, I had one backed up but I canceled due to all the inconsistencies and supposed “lies” about the 480 fps camera, weather it was real 480 or just interlaced, and me switching depends completely on that, everything about the phone is amazing, but I need the slo mo to make it worth all the way for me, so, if you had any chance to test it or any plans to do so soon, please let us know, thanks!.

    1. They still have not shipped the phone, that might happen this month. We are on a list to review it; as soon as we get it we will post about the performance. Lets hope the 480fps spec is real as the Mediatek Helios X10 supports it.

      1. Yeah, lets really hope, I am all confused now on why one of their own people told me it was re-sampled, I don’t know how to feel about canceling my order so many months ago now that i know that early backers got their money back regardless 🙁

        1. Yes that was unexpected. It is still a crap-shoot I don’t know if they will ever ship, February is their own deadline we’ll see!

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