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Edgertronic High Speed Camera Review – Part 2


In Part 1 of this review we looked at the body and design of the edgertronic camera. Touched on the mount and available frame rates. Part two is all about using and understanding the abilities and limitations of the camera as a high speed tool.

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Edgertronic High Speed Camera Review – Part 1


There comes a time when technology changes and adapts to become something mainstream, able to fulfill the needs and budget of the common man.  The edgertronic affordable high speed camera is such a product. It aims to democratize and produce quality high speed imaging  affordable for the first time to a plethora of users and markets.  Does it succeed? Does it herald the arrival of professional high speed imaging for the common man?  Do I need this camera in my arsenal of gear? This review will aim to answer those questions and more and see what the edgertronic by Sanstreak delivers in their affordable package.

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GH4 Shutter Mechanism in Slow Motion!


We are doing an in depth review of the affordable edgertronic digital high speed camera that should be published soon, however one of the tests involved showing how the shutter curtain mechanism works on the Panasonic GH4 at different speeds.   The edgertronic camera was loaned for this review and we thank Michael Matter of Sanstreak/edgertronic for providing the gear and technical support for this undertaking. A big shout out to The Slow Mo Guys for partly inspiring to record this footage.   Enjoy the video

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