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Veho and Firefly 6S aim for Gopro Market!

Veho K2_4k

Action camera clones are propping up everywhere and that is one of the reasons GoPro as a stock investment has under performing. The plethora of options keeps getting more diverse and at even lower entry prices.

The Firefly 6S and Veho K-Series K-2 Pro and K-1 are such products that aim to do it all for the action camera enthusiast while competing at a lower entry price. This doesn’t necessarily mean cutting corners do to lower prices and these two brands seem to fit the bill in one way or another to fill the shoes of a GoPro Action camera competitor. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

DigitalRev Has Fun With Sony RX Slowmo!


There is no question that DigitalRev TV is the Top Gear of camera reviews on the internet. We are big fans of the antics of Kai and Lok doing all sorts of cool shoots and taking the mundane out of camera testing by making it fun or even ridiculous.

This time around they have decided to try the Sony RX10 II and The Sony RX100 IV slow motion feature for a spin. The video is educational also going over the basics of slow motion shooting with these cameras and comparing them with smartphones capable of doing slow motion.  Our reader Rommel alerted us to this video. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

GoPro Hero 4 Black Discounted for 1 Day!


UPDATE: The $399 price is gone now but you can still get a deal for it at $419 using the links below for a limited time!

Adorama has the great GoPro Hero 4 Black camera at a discount for only today at $399 compared to $499 regular with free expedited shipping.  Seems more things than the Stock Market are on Sale today!  This camera is capable of 240fps and 120fps at 720p and 4k at 30p among other formats.  If you have waited for a while for the GoPro Hero 4 Black to be lower in price this is your chance. → Continue Reading Full Post ←