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Sony FDR-AX53 & HDR-AS50 Cameras!


Another big set of releases at CES regarding cameras that have a slow motion mode fro the consumer are the Sony Handycam and Action cam models that were refreshed.   The Sony FDR-AX53 is the most interesting of the two as it is probably the smallest and lightest Handycam from Sony that shoots 4k in a near professional quality level.

It offers so much for under 1k that it will pose some problems for other cameras in it’s segment.  It is not as advanced in the zoom department as the Panasonic WXF991 which can ramp zoom and focus on dolly motion but it does have a jack of all trades feel about it. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony FDR-X1000V Beats Hero 4 in Detail!


The new Sony FDR-X1000V Action cam has been arriving to users and there is a lot to like.  For starters the image stabilization while “Digital only not optical” is excellent and something GoPro needs to include in it’s offerings. There is some stuttering in heavy motion but does work very well. Resolution will be reduced by stabilization as the image borders are cropped on the Sony FDR-X1000V.

The color is very saturated the low light beats the GoPro easily when it comes to detail. It is still no low light champ but it does offer better performance than the Hero 4 Black. → Continue Reading Full Post ←