Galaxy S8 & Skateboarding on Frozen Sand?

Galaxy S8 & Skateboarding on Frozen Sand

It seems the latest rumors indicate that the 1000fps feature of the Galaxy S8 could have been a complete miss.  We still have a couple of days until the release to see if this is true; but according to this article in Inquisitr, there seems to be a disconnect between the rumored feature and the reality of a shipping product.

On other things, the video below shows an amazing phenomenon made by nature and exploited by some adventurous young lads. Frozen sand on a Norwegian beach with the use of some cool slow motion make for a fantastic looking short film.  They even construct a half-pipe ramp out of frozen sand.  This will have to be filed in the strange things drawer for sure. You can see the film here on Vimeo!

NORTHBOUND | Skateboarding on Frozen Sand 4K by Turbin Film:

You can also watch a documentary on the making of this film here!

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