Upscaling high speed video to usable Full HD and or 4k!

Our of our readers Chinito Pinoy has shared a pretty remarkable video with us that we would like to share.  It is upscaling of sub HD resolution high-speed video at 240p, 480p and 960p from the Sony RX10 IV at 480 and 960fps and the A7S Mark III at 240fps from Sub HD to 4k UHD. 

While we could see some artifacts here and there, it is clear the technology has advanced so much that using sub HD high speed video in a 4k or 1080p timeline after using Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI product, can produce broadcast quality results.  Could this make it feasible to use other cameras like an edgertronic SC2+ or Chronos 2.1 HD as 4k Alternatives to Phantom and Photron products for video production?

We believe the results speak for themselves and look absolutely stunning.  You could save the cost of a luxury car on the camera and get a beefy computer to process the footage with AI, it takes a while and uses powerful GPUs and CPUs to speed up the machine learning algorithm. It is an incredible technology that just a few years back was unthinkable. See our previous post on the subject here! 

The cameras used to produce this video can be found below at Amazon! -HSC


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