Ember S5K camera by Freefly Systems

The Ember S5K camera by Freefly Systems is a high-speed cinema camera that has garnered attention for its impressive capabilities. Here’s a summary of what the reviews say:

  • Imaging Sensor: The camera features a 5K Super 35 imaging sensor with a global shutter design, allowing for high-quality slow-motion capture¹.
  • Frame Rates: It can shoot continuously at up to 616fps in 5K and 809fps in 4K in 16:9 mode. These rates increase to 809fps (5K) and 1011fps (4K) when using a 2.37:1 aspect ratio¹.
  • Storage: The built-in 4TB NVMe SSD drive can store approximately 40 minutes of footage shot at maximum frame rate. Future modules may support removable media².
  • Connectivity: It includes a USB-C port for file transfer, HDMI output for monitoring, and an Ethernet port for expanded live broadcasting capabilities in the future².
  • Design: The camera is compact and lightweight, measuring 10×10.4×8.6 cm and weighing 820g. It has a native Sony E lens mount system².
  • Control: Ember S5K lacks a built-in screen but can be controlled via physical buttons when connected to an HDMI monitor or through a dedicated iOS app².
  • Applications: Its compact size and high frame rate capabilities make it suitable for sports, wildlife, FPV drone applications, and professional cinematography⁵.
  • MSRP for Ember S5K : $17,995.00

Overall, the Ember S5K is praised for its combination of high frame rates, compact design, and quality image capture, making it a strong competitor in the high-speed camera market⁵.

More information at the official site here: https://freeflysystems.com/ember-s5k

Source: Conversation with Copilot, 5/29/2024
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