OnePlus One Update and GH4!

The OnePlus One  has started hitting reviewers and we now have a clear picture of the 720p 120fps mode on the phone.

Veredict:  Comparable to the Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3 but not as good as the iPhone 5s or HTC One M8 in 120fps mode.

Earns a place just aside the Galaxy S4 in our HSC Camera Guide.

See the video for yourself:


HSC refrained from posting an “earlier sample” due to its low quality in harsh light. However after the better quality sample it seems line skipping and aliasing abound in the 720p 120fps mode of the OnePlus One.  After a great performance in 4k video, the phone just cant deliver resolution in high speed mode.  As a slow motion quality solution in a phone we have to scratch the OnePlus off the list. Good to have in its tools but not up to compete with the best out there. It’s still one of the best phones out there and at an incredible price, just not a slow motion contender.

GH4 Update:

Many new samples have been plastered over the net and it shows just how good the GH4 slow motion 96fps can be in the right hands. Noise wise the GH4 is better than expected and a clear step up from the GH3 and older GH2. Detail wise the slow motion is not as sharp as 1080p and it looks more like 720p upscaled with some aliasing in edges and sharp lines.  This mode will be better used on organic subject rather than wide shots or architecture. It is still a very good result which paves the way for better and higher frame rates for  slow motion in ILC  and DSLR cameras.

Check the amazing videos below of what the GH4 has to offer for the slow motion crowd:

King’s Warriors 96fps GH4


Kites in San Diego 96fps GH4


Tokyo Slow Motion 96fps GH4


Monterrey Aquarium Regular Speed GH4 at 4k


Hope you enjoy the latest imagery from the GH4 as much as we did. It seems the camera can deliver slow motion frames at a quality and low noise that was only a t much higher price points just a couple of months back.

It will be ideal if Panasonic continues to innovate in this area and brings the technology to lower specd cameras in the Lumix G lines.

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One thought on “OnePlus One Update and GH4!”

  1. What a bummer, I thought the OnePlus One would be a good slow motion phone. Why do these manufacturers most always use this feature for marketing but only deliver the bare minimum in quality?

    They should learn from Apple, HTC or GoPro a few tricks. The iPhone 5s looks very good in slow motion and you can even use the video for TV.

    That GH4 is a beast however Wow!

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