Two Panasonics that are Slow-Mo Wonders!


Back in 2012 it seemed that with the advent of the Lumix LX7 with its 720p 120fps video mode it was only a matter of time for even stronger high resolutions in semi professional compact cameras.  For some reason or another the LX8 has not come out to replace the LX7 and it is probably still the best 720p 120fps camera for the price available.  It is very high quality for a compact camera image with a 1/1.7″ sensor; even with mild aliasing it is still one of the more professional images out there.

The LX7 will become two years old this July and it is already becoming really scarce on availability.  That it still retains the 6th spot in our slow motion affordable camera guide would give you some indication of its quality. It wont give you the large sensor look but it will let you have a very good camera with a slow motion function that seems just too good for a camera with these specs.   It wont do higher frame rates at lower resolutions but it will also do 1080p at 60fps with very good quality.

Look at the following video to see what its capable of:


The stock of LX7 cameras is about to be depleted, and you can still get one here at  Amazon over $100 lower than when it debuted at just $398.

Panasonic HC-v750

The new Panasonic v750 handycam is already shipping in some part of the world and is getting a lot of attention by having a 120fps 1080p mode in NTSC and 100fps 1080p in PAL land. Both of these are duplicated to 240 and 200fps respectively by interpolation inside the camera but they are not real frames.

This new 100fps 1080p  footage cropped up:


Looking at these early results it is apparent that the v750 and its more expensive sister camera with the same slow motion quality/ specs the w850 are without a doubt the best slow motion value in a handycam product for the consumer today.  These cameras have the 4th and 5th spot in our HSC Camera Guide list for hi speed on a budget.

You can order  the Panasonic v750 here at Amazon at just $599 which is a steal for 120fps 1080p performance.

As of today, we can’t recommend a better set of camera alternatives for quality slow motion under a $600 budget.  Quality costs and these cameras offer it without breaking the bank.

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