Sigma Makes Filters Extremely Strong!


SIGMA has released a compelling video showing their new process for ceramic lens filters being compared to other brands in a metallic ball drop test.  The ball weighs 49 grams or 1.7 oz  and it is dropped from a height of four feet.

According to SIGMA, their strengthening ceramic process is 10x or 1000% stronger than previous strengthening methods which are included in the video as the competition to compare them.

SIGMA also claims that their new filters are scratch resistant and hydrophobic “Water Repellent” so you can rest assured to be shooting through the best optics even when you are in the harshest of environments.

There are six new filters in their line ready and available so far:


We can’t wait until this coating is used in even more filters and even front lens elements in the design process.  Could this also be applied to LCD screens on the back of cameras?  Or how about applying this coating to regular eyeglasses?  The future in nano materials just got a lot more interesting.  Nothing like protecting your camera with something really strong, and we don’t mean your fists! 😉

See the Video Below for the SIGMA demonstration:

It would have been great if they used even faster frame rates for some really interesting slow motion of shattering camera filters. However it is effective and conveys just how much lesser your filter collection feels right now.   Do you really need them or it’s just an overpriced gimmick? Comment below!

More information at Sigma Blog Here!

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