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Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search

Update: The fps1000 is now funded and it gathered an amazing £125,721 British Pounds or about $200,000 USD.

Now the work begins in updating the camera case, IR cut filter, internal battery and other fixes or modifications before shipping in the first months of 2015.  The large funding is going to make a better camera in the end and it will now be a matter of waiting for our unit to test and share the results. Congratulations to Graham Rowan for making such a splash in the hi speed camera market and gathering such an impressive funding campaign.  

Image quality issues will be solved before ship date and thoroughly tested for consistency.   If you didn’t make it in time to pledge you might be able to get one once all funded cameras have shipped next year albeit at a higher cost.


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The fps1000 is the most exciting low cost high speed camera announced this year and HSC has pledged for a Platinum edition kit.  We expect to receive the camera for testing early next year.

There are 24hrs left in this Kickstarter campaign and if you plan onbuying this camera you can still get one cheaper. Pledges have topped 110k british pounds!

Some new developments from the Q&A on the fps1000 kickstarter site have emerged from the creator Graham Rowan:

GR:”There will definitely be a user-removable IR cut filter supplied fitted to the camera.”

This will fix the color balance problems due to IR contamination.  In some cameras this also improves image quality per pixel which will be interesting to see going forward. So for now buying a dedicated IR cut filter will be optional and not needed.

GR:” Production cameras will be free of artifacts.”  

This is related to the image quality issues from the pre production models.

GR:”Full documentation will be provided. I’m not a fan of the trend towards documentation-less products! But a quick start guide is also a good idea.”   

We expect this to be included in shipping cameras.

GR:”I haven’t worked out retail prices yet but they are likely to be at least 25-30% higher than Kickstarter prices. This is partly due to the discount that early backers deserve and also the extra cost of the stretch goal add-ons.”

Hence why the last 24hrs of the Kickstarter campaign is a way to get a discount on the camera before it becomes available to order in the future.

Exploding Coke Bottle fps1000

Other features that the camera will sport:

GR:”you can select an area to zoom into on the LCD screen.” Focusing aid!

GR:”only H.264 for now. If you want better quality then you always have the option of saving raw images and post-compressing.  H.265 may be possible after all. I’m investigating further.” DNG sequence output is planned for the future.

GR:”There will be lots more footage to come – especially when backers start using theirs. I’m planning to provide space on my forthcoming website for contributions.”

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with fps1000 camera, we are just clients. We only inform and do not recommend you to buy any product or service. That decision is your own.

HSC is a non profit website;  it costs money to host and maintain this site among also getting gear to test and review.  You can help HSC by buying products through our affiliate banners and links without increasing the cost to you. We appreciate your support!

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