Panasonic GH4 96fps Splashes Net With Samples!


Over the past weeks the Panasonic GH4 pre-release samples have gotten into the hands of talented filmmakers that have tested the quality and visual look of the GH4 in the Hi Speed 60fps and 96fps mode.

Surprisingly the more cinematic and awe inspiring video made no use of the 96fps mode but showed what the GH4 in low light combined with the 60fps mode was able to capture.

Light- By Joe Nanoski


Light scenes from the GH4 include the moon and splashing wave shots. Other cameras like the GH2 and G6 also from Panasonic were used in this footage. The waves shot at 60p 1080 in the GH4 are impressive enough to rewind and replay the footage. Sometimes the highest frame rate possible is not ideal. 60p works wonders with the ocean on a large scale.

GH4 96fps Slowmo test – by Andrew Reid


Andrew Reid from EOS HD which follows the GH4 closely, has concocted a series of tests that show the strengths and weaknesses of the 96fps 1080p mode on the GH4.  It shows a slight softness and some aliasing in the vicinity of what a Canon DSLR like the 60D or 7D might show in their regular 1080p modes.

Sadly it looks like the GH4 to get the higher 96 frame rate has adopted binning or line skipping on the sensor to get that high speed.  It still looks like a somewhat up-scaled 720p HD to 1080 FHD with some moire and aliasing artifacts. It will have to be used with care in order not to show wide detailed environments. It is important to note that the 60p mode on the camera at 1080p is extremely high detailed and clean.

GH4 Slow motion Soccer – Michael Medgyesi


The Soccer test shows the value of the high speed mode as a sports capture tool. The detail here seems to suggest the quality at 96p is more than adequate for many narrative and documentary shooters. It is clearly lower quality than full HD 1080p but it is still good enough to have more detail than a Canon 7D at 1080p.

Woman GH4 Slow Mo Test – by Mariusz Michalik


The footage shows a clear people scenario with motion and wide details. You can clearly see the resolution loss from 1080p but it does show promise as being the best quality higher resolution mode on a DSLR or ILC camera above 60fps to date.

Other MISC Videos:

All footage is with pre-production cameras, final results might improve of the image quality shown. HSC has ordered a production version of the GH4 for further testing. The 1080p 96fps mode caps out in camera at 100 mbps and does not allow the use of 200 mbps like regular 1080p mode.

Looking at these tests, it seems the quality crown for slow motion above 60p under 10k at high resolution stays with the Sony FS700 and the edgertronic hi speed camera for now.

Update April 21st: Camera is shipping now at some stores in Japan, the US, France and other parts of Europe. 2 new slow motion samples added to the list of this post with final production camera and firmware. Cats and Kite Surfing.

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