Samsung NX1 Slow Motion Barely Beats GH4


We now have enough footage samples to rank the Samsung NX1 just above the Panasonic GH4 in the HSC Camera guide for slow motion.  Analysis of results below:

Samsung NX1 vs GH4 Pros and Cons


  • NX1 has better resolution getting closer to 1080p.
  • NX1 has 120fps vs 96fps. That is 1 second more at 24p than GH4
  • NX1 has better slow mo quality at low ISO 200-1600
  • NX1 has full Autofocus in Slow Mo Mode vs No AF in GH4
  • NX1 120fps flickers less in 60hz lights than GH4


  • NX1 has much more aliasing and moire visible than GH4
  • NX1 has more noise from ISO 3200 and above than GH4
  • NX1 compression data rate even with H.265 is way too low
  • NX1 Slow Motion activation is not as easy to get to in menus

Max Yuryev has done a very good comparison of the GH4 slow motion 96fps vs the Samsung NX1 120fps FHD modes. See video below.

It all comes down in the end to two factors between these two cameras for slow motion.  Do you need more real detail and an extra 24fps for slower action like that in the Samsung NX1 or do you need less aliasing and less compression like on the GH4.

Both cameras are not ideal in quality and are basically competitive.  We however value the reduced moire and aliasing on the GH4 more than the extra detail on the NX1 but the GH4 still has some of that in scenes which could be also subdued due to the lower resolution and inherent softness in the image.  The Samsung NX1 is closer to 1080p in resolution but it clearly is dropping lines to get there at 120fps, it is not a real 1080p image.  There is just no real winner here. If you already own a GH4 and are thinking of the NX1 for the slow motion, be aware that the aliasing will show up more which in turn might not be ideal for your use.  It may just not be warranted for a bit more frames or the extra risk of moire and aliasing. Compression is also unkind on the NX1 at 120fps so more block artifacts will show up.

In the end the NX1 beats the GH4 in slow motion by a few percent % in our grading scale. However there is no clear winner. If you are in the market for a new camera both the Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1 are some of the best options available in the 4k Mirrorless market and both include a pretty good slow motion mode.

Some more slow mo samples of the Samsung NX1 Below:

Boston Breakdancers by Arthur Taylor

Fireplace NX1 by Ian Hirst:

Raging river by Arthur Taylor

NX 1 Slow Motion GoPro Software Edit by Tom Heaney

Merry Christmas and thanks for your support.  HSC ❆

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4 thoughts on “Samsung NX1 Slow Motion Barely Beats GH4”

  1. Wow great review, I have just come across hispeedcams recently and I love it! Great reviews, I am planning to film a lot in 4k and also some slow motion extreme sports so I think I will go with the Samsung NX1 for the extra 120fps (I would go FS7 If budget could allow) . Great review and keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Thomas, I think that for your particular use the NX1 with it’s continuous slow motion Auto Focus is the best for sports. Next year we may see many more competitors but as of now we have a narrow pool to choose from. If the fps1000 delivers fully then probably 2015 will be the year where affordable HD slow motion is at hand. Be aware that all of the slow mo modes on the NX1 and GH4 are only at 1080p and not 4k. FS7 is a great camera but very bulky for on the run extreme sports. Happy holidays!

  2. Any chance of an update on the quality of the NX1 120fps 1080p quality/compression with the new firmware 1.2 please.

    1. ‘Pro’ movie quality setting was added to 1080p recording. However there is no information yet if it is improving the quality of the slow motion mode. Somehow we expect it to be the same as there is no specific mention in the Samsung release. We don’t have a camera to test now for a before and after of the firmware for slow motion.

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