Slow Motion Video Watch July ’17!

Slow Motion Video WatchThere have been some incredible slow motion videos produced as of late and we are starting a new feature here on HSC called Slow Motion Video Watch. It will periodically showcase slow motion examples that you should not miss.

While there will be posts by usual youtube stars, there will also be a mix of unknowns and just cool new slow motion footage from newcomers.  Some slow motion cameras that are just being tested out can produce some of the most creative clips and many are lost in the eternity of internet video lists. If you have some you would like to share, make them known on our contact page!

Microwaving an Airbag in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys – 4K by The Slow Mo Guys

Burning Model Rocket Engine Underwater – in 4K Slow Motion by Warped Perception:

Squirrel Party. Jumping, chasing, and ambushing each other in my backyard. by Sharkie Productions:

Windshield vs 60,000 PSI Waterjet In Slow Motion by Waterjet Channel:

Slow Motion Machine Gun Shoot by Gunscom:


Cars vs Brick Walls | Slow Motion Crashes | BeamNG Drive by Tony 747:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Slow Motion My New Shots High Quality by Slow Motion Man:

Military Macaw Slow Motion Flying Display at Paradise Park Paul Dinning:

Must See Video: Thomas & Friends: Slow Motion Crashes, B Roll Footage, Deleted Scenes by Enterprisingengine93:

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