1500 Water Balloons On a Trampoline Slow Motion!


If you thought you couldn’t get sicker about water balloons bouncing and stretching in slow motion think again!  This time 1500 small water balloons are bounced on a  trampoline with kids jumping to create some mesmerizing footage with the help of a Phantom Camera rental from aimed reasearch.

Mark Rober the creator of the video is a former NASA Engineer who worked on the curiosity rover and overall experimental scientist that does a lot of cool things in his life and shares them on his Twitter feed here! This time his nephews and himself enjoy bouncing with diverse water balloons while filming in super slow motion for an enjoyable effect.

1500 Water Balloons + Trampoline- SLO MO!! by Mark Rober:

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You can read more about Rober’s life here at Wired!

HSC-Water balloons are a common slow motion video subject because they are a) cheap, highly accessible and plentiful b) they are unpredictable when it comes to motion and reactions and furthermore they allow for some physics to be played out in 1000fps and under that other physical phenomena simply can’t be seen unless you increase frame rates significantly above 5000fps and sometimes 100kfps.  Hence why we will continue to see water balloons being used in slow motion sequences for the foreseeable future.

All images and footage are the property of Mark Rober and linked to here under fair use as news.  If you need his footage or images for anything commercial contact him directly!

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  1. Wow astonishing video, I can felt by seeing how much you enjoyed with it
    Thanks to share

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