Droid Turbo and FPS1000 update

DroidTurboThe recently released Droid Turbo from Motorola available on Verizon in the USA has a 120fps 720p mode in the specs and we have a sample that shows that the slow motion mode while clean of noise is quite bad in the aliasing and moire department as resolution lines seem to be skipped to arrive at 720p at a higher frame rate. The iPhone 6 continues to be currently the best slow motion phone for your money. The Turbo is clearly no match but it can still let you produce some middle of the road slow mo videos for fun!

Droid Turbo 120fps 720 mode sample by GSM Arena.  See it here!

fps1000 After Funding Update:

We are aware of the changes happening but the creator Graham Rowan has expressed his wish to refrain from posting any new information on tweaks and upgrades to the camera until the design is finalized.  HSC has honored the request and will wait for confirmation from fps1000 in order to post.  Some other sites have posted info about the changes.  All we can say at this time is that the changes will be amazing and a real game changer for the low cost high speed camera market.

News is slow at the moment in the high speed camera market besides the fps1000 so new posts will only happen when there is something worthwhile or a new phone or camera supports slow motion.

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