Samsung NX1 Multi Motion Has 120fps!

Samsung NX1As with many camera releases the full quoted specs do not tell the whole story on a camera’s final capabilities.  Our reader Andreas Bernhard pointed us that the Samsung NX1 does have a 120fps 1080p mode included inside the Samsung Multi Motion mode. We previously thought it was just a slowdown of 60p with interpolation but as it turns out it is also sporting a full 120p 1080 mode inside the camera.

Here is the first video comparison of the NX1 vs the Sony a7s which is limited to 120p at 720 resolution.  Video by Park Enna:

We have no further footage to show you at this time but on first inspection it looks like the NX1 is much sharper than the a7s in slow motion and it is nearing true 1080p levels of detail in 120p mode. Aliasing however is very prominent as you can see in the cat’s fur and whiskers the stair stepping is very apparent.  We will need confirmation from other video samples in order to fully evaluate the performance and rank the camera accordingly. At first glance it looks like a great contender to be ahead of the GH4 and a7s in the slow motion department.

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4 thoughts on “Samsung NX1 Multi Motion Has 120fps!”

  1. Everything you link to says it only supports 60fps at 1080p. I played with one today and also only saw an option for 60fps. Are you supposed to use the .5-speed option to achieve 120fps, or was there something I was missing?

    1. Glad we could help. There are rumors that Samsung is discontinuing their professional camera line but there is no solid info just suppositions. Check out our camera guide for more info before purchasing a camera when it comes to slow motion.

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