Sony a7s and FZ1000 Slow Mo Samples

Out of all the tests possible with these cameras it seems slow motion is the last on the list. However we have found some examples from both the Sony a7s in 720p 120fps mode and the Panasonic FZ1000 in 100fps full HD 1080.

Sony a7s Slow motion Sample 720p 120fps

The a7s does well here in this example by Ryan Douthit however don’t expect resolution to be mind blowing.  The strength of the camera is its awe inspiring low light performance as evidenced by Philip Bloom’s recent tests.  It literally sees in the dark.  We can see naturalists and paparazzi being interested in this camera for capturing previously impossible moments at night.

FZ1000 Slow Mo Sample 100fps 1080p

The FZ1000 example by Lars Altstadt shows heavy aliasing in the 100 and 120fps 1080p modes and this footage while short does let you see what you can expect as quality is not GH4 96fps.  It is close to it’s big brother but it suffers from more artifacting. It is still a very impressive camera.  Lower slow motion modes at 240fps 720p and 390fps at VGA are still to be available. The camera might shine in lower resolutions.

The Photokina show in two months might bring a plethora of new slow motion options from low end cameras to high priced monsters. Stay tuned!

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