Fuji XP90 Has a 480fps Mode but How Good?


Fuji got quite a few products out at CES 2016 for photographers but nearly all had no real slow motion capabilities except for the Fuji XP90 Rugged waterproof compact camera.  It is the same 16.4 Megapixel CMOS sensor with 5x optical zoom and a pretty standard 28mm lens at the wide end as last year’s Fuji XP80.

It is still shockproof from 6ft, waterproof to 50ft and freeze-proof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  But aside from the harsh treatment capabilities the camera has  a larger 3 inch screen vs 2.7″ on it’s predecessor and the 1080p video spec has been upped to 60p for a little slowdown.


Updated Info Jan 20, 2016 Thanks to Fuji Guys: 

+ Hi. Here are the various frame rates: 640×480 @ 120fps, 320×240 @ 240fps, 160×120 @ 320 fps. There is no indication on the camera of a 480 fps option.”
HSC: The Fuji guys had access to the camera and they seem to have popped the bubble.  the 480fps that was touted in press releases could have been a typo. Even if the camera has this mode somewhere buried in the interface, it will probably be 120*80 pixels which is pretty much a useless feature. Even the 120fps at VGA resolution leaves a lot to be desired. As a slow motion camera seems the XP90 is out of the running for any serious onlooker. If you need a waterproof camera on the cheap that is another story all-together.  

Earlier Post Continued below:

One feature of intrigue listed in the Fuji XP90 specs points to “480fps at reduced resolutions”.  As to what that means remains to be seen. It probably also means that there are 120fps and 240fps steps in between.  As to why there is absolutely no detailed info on this mode the explanation is simple. It is there but it is not considered a big selling point; which means we will have to find out what resolution and quality is achieved when it ships in early February 2016 tentatively the 4th.


As you can see in the video below the camera also has a time-lapse mode, which in practice generates pretty horrid flicker. It can do it but you will have to fix it in post with software like flicker free if you have a problem with strobing.

FinePix XP90 – First Look by Fuji Guys:

We have asked Fuji directly and others for this info and hope to have some definitive answers soon.

Suggested Retail price will be $229 and will ship February 4th 2016.


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3 thoughts on “Fuji XP90 Has a 480fps Mode but How Good?”

  1. Now is 2016, I was expected Fuji XP90 at least 1920 x 1080 (120fps), 1280x 720 (240fps). Because even my 6 years old casio FH100 (cost me about $200) can do better than that, 224 x 64 (1000 fps), 224 x 168 (420 fps), 448 x 336 (240 fps), 640 x 480 (120 fps), 448 x 336 (30-240 fps), 640 x 480 (30-120 fps)

    1. Agree, besides Sony and to a certain degree Panasonic, Phones and action cameras like GoPro, higher frame rates are a joke considering what the hardware is capable of.

    2. But Casio hasn’t gone anywhere with it. They’re not available in the UK now anyway, but checking out their latest models from Japan the current specs seemed very much the same as 6 years previous. Talk about resting on their laurels.

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