Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Slow Motion?

It is almost March 1st which is the day set for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9. Both devices are the flagship phones for their respective brands for the year and a lot is hanging for the success of these devices to steal the thunder from the Apple iPhone 6.

Leaked HTC One M9 Commercial:

Regarding Slow Motion here is what the rumored specs suggest according to the information available:

HTC One M9 : 

  • 1080p 60fps
  • 720p 120fps
  • 4k Video 30p
  • 20MP Toshiba Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • 1080p 120fps, 30fps and 60fps
  • 720p 240fps
  • 4k Video 30p
  • 16MP Sony IMX240


HTC has always been more conservative regarding video and we still have to see any real confirmation of both phone specs. However in order to compete with the Apple juggernaut iPhone 6 Plus they have to bring at least specs wise something comparable.

We expect the Samsung to perform better in low light due to 16 megapixels instead of 20MP on the HTC.  However different Samsung S6 specs could surface according to the region as also a 20MP sensor is rumored.

It is almost a given that before long slow motion specs will have to one up what has come before and in the end the consumer wins. We hope to see the end of the 120fps 720p mode as the top spec in a flagship phone soon; good riddance!

There is a lot coming regarding slow motion this year including a few surprises that could upset the balance in the camera world.  We can’t say much more at this time. Expect things to get heated up by mid April.     Stay Tuned 😉 !

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