fps1000 Update Shows Off Sensors and Boards!


Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search!¬†

Today the creator of the fps1000 Graham Rowan, has given a detailed set of pictures showing manufactured boards with memory and image sensors as well as an array of gold and silver sensors for the camera development and production.

This is what Mr. Rowan had to say about it:

Graham Rowan: “Today I received the first of the new boards for the fps1000. The design is now split into 2 boards: the sensor board with the sensor (!), memory and high speed control logic, and a motherboard which houses the batteries, processor, the real world interfaces (SDIO card, USB3 interface and trigger inputs / outputs) and the LCD control. The two boards connect through 2 high speed, fine pitched connectors.

The sensor board is common for all 3 models (Silver, Gold, Platinum), with a different sensor for each. The new sensor board looks a lot like the original fps1000 and it is essentially the same design. There are more memory chips on the new board (although still the same total capacity) to provide a higher bandwidth memory bus so the clock frequencies don’t need to be pushed to extremes.

Here are some shots of the new board (sorry for the self indulgence but I feel like a proud father showing off his new offspring!).

First samples of the motherboard are being assembled at the moment. More photos next week.”

HSC: This is a big milestone day as the camera is much closer to being a reality and in the hands of Kickstarter backers and after market customers.


The design being split into two boards is a significant advantage for testing and production because it creates a unified cpu board logic that is interchangeable with different sensor and memory boards to produce essentially all the silver, gold and platinum camera models. The design is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate a large array of sensor and memory combinations with different frame rates.

While no images of the cpu logic main-board are posted which are due in a few days from assembly, it is clear that the project is on track for further testing and shipping which can easily make backers and owners happy and giddy with excitement for receiving their cameras.  There are much more news on the fps1000 development coming in the next few weeks but we are glad to be able to share a glimpse of the current physical development today.

You can see the whole full post with more images by fps1000 creator Grahgam Rowan here!

Stay tuned at HSC for more info on this ground breaking camera and for new developments next week in the realm of portable slow motion at MWC in Barcelona Spain 2-5 of March.

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