GH4, a7s and FZ1000 Tidbits From The Web!

We have seen quite a few tests and other info from cameras in recent weeks and we want to share some of that with our readers:

Panasonic FZ1000 Slow Motion Tests:

This test by JM shows the FZ1000 at 100fps 25p PAL mode shooting some birds close up.  The quality is very good even though it shows some moire patterns in the feathers.

This test by Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller shows the Panasonic FZ1000 shooting several large animals in slow motion.   The performance is quite good.

This FZ1000 Promo Video by DSL Productions shows quite a few tests at 120fps which look fantastic.


GH4 and a7s Rolling shutter comparison test:

In this test by diyphotography they compare several cameras including the GH4 and the Sony a7s when it comes to rolling shutter.  The results might surprise you considering how much the GH4 has been trashed in 4k mode regarding rolling shutter.

EOS HD a7s Slow Motion test:

In this test at EOSHD, the Sony a7s is put through its paces at very high ISO combined with the 720p 120fps mode to yield very clean results that most cameras would easily noise out of the test. Quite an impressive result.

Panasonic GH4 Intercut with C100 and C300:

In this shoot by Nicos A.  the GH4 is put through its paces shooting in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia aside from the Canon Cinema EOS C100 and C300.   In our view the shutter speed seems a little different from the Canons or at least the way the camera handles shutter read out.   However if you had them side by side without labels you probably couldn’t tell the difference as a spectator.

Sony a7s  Slow Motion & other Samples:

Hope you enjoy these sample finds,  thanks for your support of HSC you can find all three cameras below with free shipping!

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