iPhone 6 Slow-Mo Sample Videos 120p 240p

Photographer & filmmaker Austin Mann got himself an iPhone 6 Plus with a trip to Iceland and managed to get some incredible pictures and footage including 120fps and 240fps video samples from the device.

In his review video he also shoots alongside the iPhone 5s to see the improvements in the camera which are plentiful. See the review on his site here or the video below:

At first glance it seems the iPhone 6 Plus is the best slow motion image coming from a phone yet. It is nowhere near the quality of the FS700 at 240fps or the GH4 96fps and or the a7s at 120fps but it does manage to impress with the quality to be more than use-able for the web and personal videos.  The aliasing however will restrict it to non professional footage.  That of course doesn’t deter you from creating wonderful imagery.

The quality seems to suffer the same at 120 or 240fps which is good as there is no visible reduction in quality for 240fps over its lower frame rate spec.  The 60p footage however is great and seems very close to the 30p footage from the phone. If per pixel image quality is your primary goal then the 60p will be your ideal slow motion mode on this phone as it presents reduced artifacts. We will have to confirm more samples before we rate the phone in our camera guide but it sure looks to be a contender for the best slow-mo phone yet!

Well until Mediatek based phones surface later this year 😉 !

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Slow-Mo Sample Videos 120p 240p”

  1. it seems like Apple is the only one that cares about slow-mo at the moment…240fps is a big surprise and a lot more useful!

    i am tempted to buy a Plus version but it seems a bit big don’t you think?

    1. It is a bit large for the pocket but also looks like very
      compressed footage with aliasing. I would wait for the Android phones with better slow motion to surface using the Mediatek chip. As a phone however the 6 plus is the best right now.

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