Lambert Introduces HS540M & HS540S High Speed Cameras!


Lambert Instruments of the Netherlands has introduced a small and compact but powerful duo of high speed cameras with a monochrome sensor. The main difference in both models is that one – HS540S –is designed for streaming data continuously to a computer terminal for high end production lines and the other – HS540M – is for research settings that do not require full continuous recording by streaming monitoring. A variety of mounts supported Nikon F-mount, C-mount, M42-mount, custom choice.

Camera Info Below:

Lambert HS540M
The Lambert HS540M is a high-speed camera for research applications. It has up to 16 GB of internal storage and is ideal for scientific research and industrial R&D. After recording your data, you can review the results in our software and trim the high-speed video before exporting it to your computer.

Lambert HS540S
The Lambert HS540S is a streaming high-speed camera for industrial applications. It is designed for high-performance tasks like machine vision, quality control and wafer inspection. Instead of saving the images to internal storage, the camera streams high-speed video directly to your computer over a CoaXPress (CXP) interface. And with Power over CXP (PoCXP) the camera can be powered over the CoaXPress channels, removing the need for a dedicated power cable.

Slow Motion Welding sample video 500 fps Lambert HS540M:

Fast High-Resolution Sensor
Both the Lambert HS540M and the HS540S feature a high-speed CMOS sensor that records full-resolution images (1696 x 1710 pixels) at 540 fps. To increase the framerate, the camera can use a smaller part of the sensor to reduce the image resolution. By doing so, it can deliver framerates of up to 170000 frames per second. Its electronic global shutter and minimum exposure time of 2 us ensure sharp images of fast-moving objects.

Digital Imaging Standards
The Lambert HS540 cameras support digital imaging standards that make it easy to integrate into an automated setup. The Generic Interface for Cameras (GenICam) offers a universal programming interface for controlling the camera settings and retrieving the recorded data. Camera characteristics are determined using the measurement procedures from the EMVA 1288 Standard. This makes specifications more transparent and easier to compare to other cameras.

Spec Table:


The cameras can produce monochrome images at 540fps full sensor resolution at 1696 x 1710 pixels which is almost a square format. Witha global shutter and image format standards support it could be a camera worth looking at if you need it for scientific purposes and have no need for color at up to 170,000 fps which is pretty fast. Noise levels seem well controlled and detail is good with real sharpness.

Wasp Flight Super Slow Motion Sample:

For more information including a pricing quote about these cameras and other products from Lambert Instruments go to:

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