Mediatek 480fps MT6795 Devices Out in 2015!


China Mobile Mag  is reporting on a leaked “original source here” road map that states that the MT6795 phone chip is being released in handsets before the end of Q1 2015. says:

“On a leaked roadmap we can now see when to expect the MT6795. Many thought it would be launched in late 2014, and were kinda confused why nothing happened. Indeed, the time-frame for a release started in late 2014, but isn’t over yet. It’s going till shortly before the end of the first quarter of 2015, which means that we might see a release in February or for sure in Early March”

As commented in late 2014 the phones with this chip and a specific sensor will be capable of 1080p slow motion videos at 480fps.   It will be interesting to see which carriers in Europe, Asia and the Americas retain the spec and offer it to their subscriber base.

With the chip still being adopted in several markets after a slow bump and lag for release, we may have to wait a bit more for an actual handset than February or March; however this is good news as the phones are now coming and it is a question of what month in 2015 and not stuck in limbo.

Mediatek Demo Phone at 480fps by

Mediatek Demos More Chip features:

Example of 480fps shot with the Sony FS700-Speed Example! by Pablo Vicente:

Exciting times for hi speed imaging in phones this year. Stay Tuned!

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10 thoughts on “Mediatek 480fps MT6795 Devices Out in 2015!”

  1. Can we expect this technology to appear in a camcorder soon?
    For 480 fps and 1920×1080 I am willing to open my wallet again.

    1. We can only hope but there is no indication of this chip on a camcorder. See the fps1000 camera for affordable slow motion in a developing camera today.

  2. I was checking out the iphone 6 and S5 clones available now which claim they are using the MT6795. Asked their support line which camera sensor they were using but they didn’t (intentionally?) tell me anything more than Sony 20MP. Another user asked if the iphone 6 clone also did slowmo, to which they said yes, but no specs issued. I doubt the 240 fps @ 720p was being done.

    1. Well we saw that clone too but we doubt that it has the slowmo specs. Remember the 480fps needs to be paired with a specific Sony sensor in order to work. This clone probably is not using it considering the price.

      1. Agreed. Bit disappointing the S6 doesn’t look to be matching the iphone’s 240 fps and still haven’t seen what the Z4 slowmo specs are yet. Will be watching the MediaTek phones for sure.

        1. Yes both the S6 and the Z4 seem to top at 120fps at 720p which is so last year. There is nothing in there that advances frame rates forward. Until Mediatek releases start to swamp the market the iPhone 6 is still king.

        2. How can I set up a profile picture like Simon? (probably, he is the administrator of GadgetGuideOnline.)

          So two years have been passing away, and there is no word yet about this chipset.
          Some devices such as the HTC¹ E9 actualy delivered that chipset, but GSMArena and PhoneArena barely give any clue about video recording capabilities.

          And these 480fps are probably limited by time due to a buffer size or something like that. Without GPU boosting and well-programmed camera software, 480fps at that resolution becomes nearly impossible with a chipset from 2015 for mid-class devices. If the MT6795 was able to deliver 480fps at FullHD, then today’s chipsets should deliver 960fps at FullHD (the XZ Premium finally came with 720p at 960fps).

          1. They will not implement the 480fps on any phone due to lack of commitment. However the Sony Xperia phones have filled this gap.

            Try this for the avatar: Also you may need a wordpress identity with avatar.

          2. Great thanks for your information.

            Xperia filled that gap in early 2017, two years later, with 960fps at 720p (884736000), which still results into less pixels per second than 1080p at 480fps (995328000 = 2160p@120fps).

            I guess, that the MT6795 also had a time limitation. But 960fps means slowing down sixteen times, and still have smooth 60fps to spare, which is impressive. But why is community engagement a reason? The hardware was already there, so there would be just a bit of software work. And who would not support such a glorious feature in early 2015?

          3. Somehow they thought 480fps was not a feature manufacturers chose to market this chip. Capability in hardware is sometimes not realized fully. Some might say more often than not.

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