Slow Motion Watch May 2018!

Slow Motion Watch May 2018

There have been some jaw-dropping slow-motion videos produced so far in  2018 and we want to showcase a small but excellent sample of them in Slow Motion Video Watch. Thank you to our readers for many of these submissions, we really appreciate your help in finding much of this footage as the sheer amount of quality material produced would make it much harder to select the good ones.

We have some incredible magnet work, weapons, military artillery, hockey, gymnastics and also the recent royal wedding in full display. It is also encouraging to see the widespread adoption of slow motion in phones as handsets like the Galaxy S9 & Xperia XZ2 start to inundate the video sites with user samples. It goes to show that good planning and a well-executed shot is possible even with time restrictions and limited hardware. Send us your samples or finds on our contact page!

Magnet Collision in Slow Motion like Iron Man Nanobot suit up by Magnetic Games:

Rainbow Paint on a Speaker – 12,500fps PHANTOM v2640 (LATEST MODEL) by The Slow Mo Guys:


Bunker Buster Demo in Slow Motion! AGM-158 JASSM Cruise Missile Testing by Military Archive:

GTA 5 – Legendary Ragdolls #3 – Explosions In Slow Motion Real-Time CGI by GameCompilation:

Giant Ice Lantern Vs. Thermite | In SUPER SLOW MOTION by Beyond the press:

Epic Pistol Trick Shot – 9mm Coffee Grinder (58,000fps Slow-mo footage) by Black Rifle Coffee Company:

Super Slow-Mo: Playoffs Week 3 by NHL:

Flexibility and Gymnastics Compilation / Slow Motion by Musically Trends:

Le mariage du prince Harry et Meghan Markle en slow-motion by Paris Match:


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