Z E2 Camera Rumor of 4k 120fps!

Z E2 CameraThe Z Cam E1 which delivered excellent quality 4k footage from a tiny package and was able to do 720p 240fps frame rates “at less than ideal quality”, however,  a new Rumor from 4/3 Rumors here shows a Twitter message that hints at a new Z E2 m4/3 camera that is able to do 120fps at full 4k resolution.  If this turns out to be true it could yield further performance improvements in 1080p and 720p along with higher quality that could be usable.

As far as linear specs go a 120p 4k pipeline could in theory yield 480fps 1080p and 960/1000fps 720p without going out of spec. As we have come to know over the years, however, it is usually wrong to extrapolate these specs to the maximum possible metric as the sensor or memory could be bottlenecks that limit the performance. So this rumor could have some legs to it and NAB 2018 could be the show that makes 4k 120p a regular feature for cameras.

Z E2 Camera What We Want In Specs:

  • 12-16MP 4/3 sensor
  • 24p,30p & 60p 4k UHD
  • 120fps 4k Slow Mo
  • 240fps 1080p
  • 480fps 720p
  • 2hr Battery Life
  • 12-14 stops of Dynamic Range
  • Full electronic m4/3 lens compatibility
  • Clean High Sensitivity up to ISO 25,600

So the list above sounds pretty much like a wishlist and it is. So take that with a scoop of salt.  If we finally get the 120p 4k spec in a  camera under 1k that delivers quality then we expect it to do very well in the market.   That said NAB 2018 in early April may turn out to be an excellent announcement show with cameras from specialized markets to wide release expected to be shown and or announced. Slow Motion should also be prominently displayed which will probably show the usual big players show their wares.

Below you can see the 240fps 720p quality of the current Z E1 Cam which is not ideal. Will we see a big increase in quality? only time will tell.

Z Camera E1 by Finepoint 240fps 720p 2:35 time:

Seagull crash landing in slow motion Z-CAM E1 240 fps by BlueNoite:

Z Camera E1 Water Balloon Exploding 720P @ 240FPS by aussiemikeysaru:

Bonus Shot Low Light on the E1:


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4 thoughts on “Z E2 Camera Rumor of 4k 120fps!”

  1. This is a very exciting rumor as the slow mo specs of the Sony RX100 start to get some competition, taking the price in consideration. There is no lens included but when you already own a set of standard lenses for photography it should be possible to use this device with the use of an adapter.

    1. Many people own m43 lenses and they are quite good optically for the most part. The used market is also well priced. If this camera is able to do good slowmo it may become more than a small niche market option.

  2. All I can add is that Z Cam told me the E2 is being shown at NAB 2018 and no more details. Lets hope it does have the rumored specs and more (they told me no touch screen yet)

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