edgertronic releases Software Version 2.0!

Spin 750fps by Marcus Ranum (edgertronic hi speed camera color)

The edgertronic hi speed camera is adding a bundle of new features to its software and camera capabilities including overclocking which lets the camera record even higher fps speeds.  They have shipped over 250 cameras to this date, way to go!  Announcement below:

Software Version 2.0
After months of hard work and testing, software version 2.0 has been released.

This update to the camera’s internal software adds an improved UI, the ability to genlock (synchronize) multiple cameras, sensor overclocking for up to 35% higher frame rates, faster download performance and of course some bug fixes.

This is our most thoroughly tested release, and if you haven’t updated your camera yet, please consider doing so. Please read and carefully follow the updating instructions at:

16GB Buffer Upgrade Option & Newsletter:

The new 16GB buffer will double the current 8GB and make the camera capable of recording twice the time at all frame rates. If you recorded 2 seconds below that will translate to 4 seconds.  The upgrade requires a camera service option and has a price that includes shipping, get in contact with edgertronic.com to service the camera.  Since it is a hardware upgrade it is not a kit the user can install.

The folks at edgertronic/ Sanstreak are launching a Newsletter where you can get the latest info and developments on the camera.

Go to http://edgertronic.com/ and sign up for the newsletter!

Finally there is a new page that lists footage taken with the camera for you to enjoy: edgertronic wiki video

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