Krontech Gets a Visit From Linus Tech Tips!

Krontech Gets a Visit From Linus Tech Tips! 1.4 Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is probably the most well-known hardware enthusiast show on the net today. You can find all sorts of cool geeky stuff tested, assembled and destroyed in some cases.  This time it was the turn for to get a visit from the Linus team which funnily enough is very close to them geographically in the vicinity of Vancouver BC, Canada.

There is a quick tour around the startup headquarters as well as a nostalgic look back at the prototype cameras that evolved in what we know today as the Chronos 1.4c which is capable of 1,502fps at 720p resolution and recently able to record in RAW 16bit DNG format which makes it professionally usable in any setting given an adequate amount of light.

Fast growth for a brand new company!

We got our own Chronos 1.4c camera about a year ago and the company has now shipped its 500th camera out into the world which is really big news for slow motion gear in such a short time.  They are being used in a variety of settings from gun ranges to school labs and the low price helps it to be adopted by many as an affordable alternative to testing out the high-speed waters.

We love the camera’s ability to point and shoot with the built-in screen and more so now that you can save in RAW format and get all of the data possible out of the sensor. The H.264 footage the camera records now needs a better de-bayering algorithm to extract color information without so many artifacts which are due in part to the small 2/3″ sensor.  The RAW cures the issue given enough light is used but we are told they are working to better the camera output each day. You can see the progress in the official forum here!

We congratulate on reaching so many milestones quickly and growing fast to accommodate the firmware and software features that the camera was designed to support.  We expect great things in the future from this company and hope they can branch out of the 720p resolution in a future product and support 1080p or 4k.  In the meantime check the Linus Tech Tips Krontech video and have a laugh! -HSC 

More Info on the Chronos 1.4c Camera and order information here!

This Cheap High-Speed Camera is Made in Canada!! by Linus Tech Tips:

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