Nikon P1000 Crazy Zoom but Subdued Slow Motion!

Nikon P1000

Nikon has either gone crazy or has analyzed a market that is actually alive and well when it comes to all in one prosumer compact cameras. The P900 was a best seller for several years in the segment with an 83x optical zoom formula of 24-2000mm equivalent. Now the new P1000 increases that range by 1000mm to do a previously ludicrous spec of 24 wide-angle to 3,000mm telephoto range or 125x optical zoom.

The sensor is tiny at 1/2.3″ the same as small compact cameras and just slightly larger than the typical phone sensor of 1/3″. This is what makes it possible for the camera to create such a zoom range without the lens being larger than a Napoleonic war artillery cannon.  The video modes are decent with 4k 30p but the high-speed modes are lackluster which is a shame considering this camera could be used effectively for extreme wildlife shots in super slow motion.

Nikon P1000 Main Features:

  • Lens Focal Length 4.3-539mm (angle of view equivalent to that of 24-3,000mm lens in 35mm format) 
  • 125x optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens.
  • f/2.8-8 Range
  • Image Sensor
  • Effective Pixels (Megapixels) 16.0  million
  • Image Sensor CMOS Sensor Size: 1 2.3  in.
  • Image Size (pixels) 4608 x 3456 (16M)
  • Vari-Angle  TFT-LCD  3.2″ 
  • RAW Stills Mode
  • ISO  100  1600 & ISO 3200, 6400 (available when using P, S, A or M or Movie manual mode)
  • Weight : 49.9  oz. (1,415  g)with battery and memory card

Nikon P1000 Movie Mode:

  • 4K UHD 3,840×2,160/ 30p
    4K UHD 3,840×2,160/ 25p
    Full HD: 1920×1080/ 60p
    Full HD: 1920×1080/ 50p
    Full HD: 1920×1080/ 30p
    Full HD: 1920×1080/ 25p
    HD: 1280×720/ 60p
    HD: 1280×720/ 50p
    HD: 1280×720/ 30p
    HD: 1280×720/ 25p
    HS 640×480/ 4x   120fps
    HS 1920×1080/ 0.5x  Speed Up!
    HS 1280×720/ 2x 60fps
  • Coolpix P1000 Moon Shot at 2,000mm:

There is no denying the power of the zoom range but do not expect image quality to be outstanding even with all of that ED and Super ED Glass trying to fix the chromatic aberration and softness.  There is, of course, the fact that a small sensor in the 1/2.3″ size will mostly use the center of the glass to gather its light so, in theory, it should be able to use the sharpest part of the elements to get the image quality up to a good standard.

The camera will not be stellar in low light and the full moon if you have ever shot it is so bright that you can safely shoot it at 1/200 to avoid overexposure. Good luck shooting bats or other night creatures with any sort of acceptable quality. Appart from the moon or well lit night scenes or flash shots, this camera should be mostly used in the daytime to get acceptable quality.

High frame rates? (YAWN)

HS 640×480/ 4x   120fps
HS 1920×1080/ 0.5x  Speed Up!
HS 1280×720/ 2x 60fps

The P1000 Camera will only shoot 120fps in VGA 640*480 mode and up to 60fps in Full HD. There is no ultra-high-speed mode like in the Sony RX series cameras.  we are disappointed as this was a true competitor option to the Sony RX10 series in a similar form factor. Quality on the tiny sensor will also be lacking so any higher frame rates should be grainy and prone to artifacts.

This is an interesting camera for Nikon that cements their product line for extreme telephoto enthusiasts. However, if the quality is what you seek, you are better off with an RX camera with a 1″ sensor or a Micro 4/3 camera with a 400mm lens which will in EX Teleconverter mode be a good match to this one without having such a small sensor.  a GH4 or GH5 camera would be a better fit with a 400mm lens and a teleconverter, plus it will be less heavy when attached to a 14-140mm lens for example.  Cool camera but could have been so much more in the video department. -HSC 

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8 thoughts on “Nikon P1000 Crazy Zoom but Subdued Slow Motion!”

  1. HS 640×480/ 4x 120fps is 10 year old technology
    Even 1280×720 240fps also out dated
    At least 1920×1080 240 or 480fps
    If 1920×1080 960fps, even 4 seconds, I will take it

    1. Hi Vanessa, since there is no manual available online yet, we cannot answer that question. Keep a look out for when the manual is released so you can see which options are available. We estimate at least to have either shutter speed or aperture control but full manual control may not be there.

    1. That camera only has Super Slow Motion Movie 640 x 480: 120 fps
      Super Slow Motion Movie 320 x 240: 240 fps which is a much lower resolution than the Sony RX series. See our camera guide for rankings!

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