SFC-1M Camera 1 Million fps for under $1500!


Apr 1st 2015 – Unknown until now camera start-up company Black Square Imaging has released a rendered image of their current prototype camera the SFC-1M which aims to disrupt the slow motion camera market forever.

SFC-1M leaked Specs:

  • 4:3 sensor 8.4MP
  • ISO 100-25600
  • Native ISO – 1250
  • 1,000,000 fps at 1080p that’s 1M “Rec Time 1 Sec”
  • 100k fps at 4k “Rec Time 1 Sec”
  • 2.5 Million fps at 720p “Rec Time 1.5 Sec”
  • 10 Million fps at 320*240. “Rec Time 1 Sec”
  • Single Button Turns camera on and serves as REC.
  • H.265 Compression
  • Electronic Mount (We estimate Micro 4/3ds mount)
  • No LCD Screen (Everything controlled by WiFi through phone or tablet companion app.
  • MSRP $1,499 USD
  • Release Date- After Q2 2015

According to the company the camera will be able to increase recording time from 1 second to over 10 seconds at 1080p with a frame rate reduction from 1 million to 100k fps.

Playing back the one second recording time at 1 million fps to 24p would yield 11.6 hours of standard playback time. This would in turn let you choose the right action moment after a half days worth of scrubbing.

The video below shows bullets impacting at 1 million fps by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit posted by Matt Rece  

The camera app will include image transfer via WiFi of the files saved in H.265 with an option to download the RAW data for grading options. The one second recording would be about 7.8 Terabytes at 8MB a frame compressed RAW.  The speedy transfer will take a few hours so you can go out and plan your next shot or go watch a movie or two.   Cross your fingers you got the shot right considering you have to click record and stop withing one second; or expect another day or two of trial and error.

Focus will be manual only at first with a contrast assist mode from the App.  More modules and features will be released over time. There is talk about a trap recording mode that will trigger the camera from a substantial change in the image contents of the frame.

As for the $1499.00 MSRP they commented: “It was time for camera enthusiasts to get a product under parts and manufacturing cost by about 100x less than they would have paid from established manufacturers.  The advancements in electronics and high speed memory have made the camera possible with performance only imaginable a few months ago.”

As for the purple color of the camera: “We are big fans of the Silicon Graphics era of design, with plastic panels in glorious purple. However a black, gray and even pink versions of the camera are possible after release depending on demand”

Silicon Graphics O2+ Design inspiration!

As for the SFC-1M  model name: “We thought a simple yet descriptive name was warranted for our first product. SFC stands for Stoo**d Fast Camera, 1M stands for 1 Million fps, as no other name would be worthy of such a leap in performance. It will liberate creativity like never before and will make water balloon pops last for minutes instead of a few instants. It’s about time we could watch a humming bird flap in full detail to analyze precise motion over minutes instead of seconds. “

We will keep you informed if and when the camera is available for order or ships to the consumer.  We thank Black Square Imaging for this in depth look on their exciting camera.

For more information, specs and demos about the camera>>>> follow this link! <<<<

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