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Phantom TMX 7510 does 76000 fps in HD!

Phantom TMX 7510

The scientists at Vision Research are at it again at their favorite pastime of hyper slow motion gear creation.  The new TMX 7510 Phantom camera is the fastest ever in their arsenal with a mind-bending spec of 75 Gigapixels throughput which is capable of delivering 76,000fps  1 Megapixel resolution or slightly higher than HD at 1280 x 800px.

The camera features the first BSI or Back-side illuminated sensor ever used in a Phantom camera. This allows for much better low-light performance which is crucial for slow motion applications.  The camera tops out at a ridiculous 1.75 million fps frame rate at 1280 x 32px in standard width mode or 640 x 64px in Binned mode.  One second recorded at that speed creates a file that plays back for 972min or just over 16hrs in a 30fps timeline.  Yikes! → Continue Reading Full Post ←

100 Million fps High Speed Camera Developed to Fight Cancers!

100 Million fps High Speed Camera

The Rosalind Franklin Institute  has started the development of a 100 million fps high-speed camera that will operate at 1-megapixel resolution to scan how new cancer drug treatments along with ultrasound interact to create effective cures for the deadliest forms of the disease.   This type of performance is unheard of in that resolution and would herald a new way of looking at minute amounts of time that happen so fast no detector so far has been able to capture them at a usable resolution.

To put this in numbers, the camera will be able to capture a 100,000,000,000,000 or One Hundred Trillion Pixels per second or one hundred million megapixels/sec. Those are staggering numbers and if saved in a raw format it would take a megabyte per frame or 100 Terabytes of imaging data/second.  That will be one extremely large frame buffer. With compression techniques and image optimization you could probably get that number lower but if played back at 30fps it would take 38 days to see a single 1-second video, staggering speed for sure!

100 Million fps High Speed Camera Press Release is Below:


The Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI) today launched an ambitious new project to build the world’s most advanced real-time high-speed video camera, the key to understanding new techniques that use light and sound to treat some of the most lethal forms of cancer. 

Business Secretary Greg Clark today launched the Rosalind Franklin Institute and announced its first major projects including funding to develop the World’s best ultra-fast video camera for imaging tissue with greater sensitivity and at higher resolution than any other instrument currently available.

The camera will be invaluable in developing new techniques that use sound and light for both detecting and treating disease, including some of the most lethal forms of cancer such as pancreatic and brain tumours, with minimal side effects for patients.

The new instrument will be developed through a collaboration between an academic team at the University of Oxford and a UK-SME specialising in high-speed imaging, Invisible Vision. Once completed it will be housed at the new Rosalind Franklin Institute being built at the Harwell Research Complex in Oxfordshire for use by researchers in the UK and the rest of the world.

Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer, using powerful drugs to kill cancer cells or stop them from growing and spreading to other parts of the body. These drugs are introduced into the bloodstream and absorbed into the surrounding tissue.

 Professor Eleanor Stride from the University of Oxford, said:

“A major challenge with current delivery methods for cancer drugs is that they rely on the active molecules reaching and entering the tumour cells by diffusion. This makes it difficult to ensure that all parts of a tumour are treated and leads to terrible side effects because large volumes of healthy tissue also absorb the drug. We need to find a better way to get these drugs into cancer cells specifically, quickly and effectively.”

Professor Stride said:

“The approach we’re developing introduces harmless particles into the bloodstream and then uses ultrasound to activate them, in order to both release the drug at a specific site and helping to drive it into the tumour to reach all of the cells within in it.”

The new instrument will be a key part of the core capability of the RFI’s INSIGHT (imaging with light and sound) theme, which will be devoted to developing technology for imaging and therapy at the intersection of light and sound.

It will be the first camera in the world able to capture up to 100 million individual frames per second at 1 megapixel resolution and operate across a wide optical spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared. This one-of-a-kind camera will enable researchers to see how ultrasound interacts with drug-loaded particles and tissue and how that enables controlled the uptake of drugs into cancer cells. The camera will help researchers to understand the biophysical mechanisms behind drug delivery – critical to perfecting ultrasound targeted drug delivery.

Professor Stride continued:

“Most current devices are limited to the optical part of the spectrum or look at specific wavelengths. This camera will be flexible, able to look at the full spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared, which means we’ll be able to see more detail and get higher resolution images than ever before. It will help us see how the ultrasound affects the particles and how exactly it helps improve the drug delivery and allow us to develop the treatment to make it more effective.”

Currently, the fastest long record duration framing camera in the world best suited for these applications are still mechanical, operating at speeds up to 25 million frames per second. The new camera will be smaller and more compact (looking similar to a conventional video camera). It will be faster, more sensitive, and give higher resolution real-time imaging than any other device available today.

Once completed, the new instrument can be configured in a variety of ways and applied to broad range of problems in materials science, plasma/shock physics, combustion, sonochemistry, photoacoustics, biological membrane dynamics and fluid dynamics. It will produce exceptional images of the interaction of ultrasound with tissue and provide fundamental scientific insights that could lead to important new discoveries.

Rosalind Franklin Institute – World’s best video camera to develop cures for deadliest cancers

Thanks to our reader Aidan Moore who submitted this story for consideration!

-Official Story by The Rosalind Franklin Institute  Here!

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SFC-1M Camera 1 Million fps for under $1500!


Apr 1st 2015 – Unknown until now camera start-up company Black Square Imaging has released a rendered image of their current prototype camera the SFC-1M which aims to disrupt the slow motion camera market forever.

SFC-1M leaked Specs:

  • 4:3 sensor 8.4MP
  • ISO 100-25600
  • Native ISO – 1250
  • 1,000,000 fps at 1080p that’s 1M “Rec Time 1 Sec”
  • 100k fps at 4k “Rec Time 1 Sec”
  • 2.5 Million fps at 720p “Rec Time 1.5 Sec”
  • 10 Million fps at 320*240. “Rec Time 1 Sec”
  • Single Button Turns camera on and serves as REC.
  • H.265 Compression
  • Electronic Mount (We estimate Micro 4/3ds mount)
  • No LCD Screen (Everything controlled by WiFi through phone or tablet companion app.
  • MSRP $1,499 USD
  • Release Date- After Q2 2015

According to the company the camera will be able to increase recording time from 1 second to over 10 seconds at 1080p with a frame rate reduction from 1 million to 100k fps.

Playing back the one second recording time at 1 million fps to 24p would yield 11.6 hours of standard playback time. This would in turn let you choose the right action moment after a half days worth of scrubbing.

The video below shows bullets impacting at 1 million fps by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit posted by Matt Rece  

The camera app will include image transfer via WiFi of the files saved in H.265 with an option to download the RAW data for grading options. The one second recording would be about 7.8 Terabytes at 8MB a frame compressed RAW.  The speedy transfer will take a few hours so you can go out and plan your next shot or go watch a movie or two.   Cross your fingers you got the shot right considering you have to click record and stop withing one second; or expect another day or two of trial and error.

Focus will be manual only at first with a contrast assist mode from the App.  More modules and features will be released over time. There is talk about a trap recording mode that will trigger the camera from a substantial change in the image contents of the frame.

As for the $1499.00 MSRP they commented: “It was time for camera enthusiasts to get a product under parts and manufacturing cost by about 100x less than they would have paid from established manufacturers.  The advancements in electronics and high speed memory have made the camera possible with performance only imaginable a few months ago.”

As for the purple color of the camera: “We are big fans of the Silicon Graphics era of design, with plastic panels in glorious purple. However a black, gray and even pink versions of the camera are possible after release depending on demand”

As for the SFC-1M  model name: “We thought a simple yet descriptive name was warranted for our first product. SFC stands for Stoo**d Fast Camera, 1M stands for 1 Million fps, as no other name would be worthy of such a leap in performance. It will liberate creativity like never before and will make water balloon pops last for minutes instead of a few instants. It’s about time we could watch a humming bird flap in full detail to analyze precise motion over minutes instead of seconds. “

We will keep you informed if and when the camera is available for order or ships to the consumer.  We thank Black Square Imaging for this in depth look on their exciting camera.

For more information, specs and demos about the camera>>>> follow this link! <<<<