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Phantom TMX 7510 does 76000 fps in HD!

Phantom TMX 7510

The scientists at Vision Research are at it again at their favorite pastime of hyper slow motion gear creation.  The new TMX 7510 Phantom camera is the fastest ever in their arsenal with a mind-bending spec of 75 Gigapixels throughput which is capable of delivering 76,000fps  1 Megapixel resolution or slightly higher than HD at 1280 x 800px.

The camera features the first BSI or Back-side illuminated sensor ever used in a Phantom camera. This allows for much better low-light performance which is crucial for slow motion applications.  The camera tops out at a ridiculous 1.75 million fps frame rate at 1280 x 32px in standard width mode or 640 x 64px in Binned mode.  One second recorded at that speed creates a file that plays back for 972min or just over 16hrs in a 30fps timeline.  Yikes! → Continue Reading Full Post ←

OnePlus 6 Slow Motion Teaser Released!

OnePlus 6 Slow Motion Teaser

The short but to the point footage shows what will be slow motion clips produced with the new OnePlus 6 handset. You can see that a lot of care has been taken to shoot professional looking footage that will showcase the high frame rate capabilities. We are not sure if the resolution aliasing we are seeing is from the phone quality or the video compression.

Considering Sony and Samsung have similar artifacts OnePlus will look good on smaller screens but not ideal blown up on a monitor or TV.  Professional lighting is no substitute to real line resolution for footage.   We should know more as May 16th launch date approaches and we will be gladly surprised if the phone is capable of higher resolution slow motion recording than the competition with better recording time which has been the Achilles heel for these slow-motion phone features. 0.2 and 0.1 seconds is just not long enough for having a usable span of time.

OnePlus 6 Teaser Slow Motion Twitter post below:


Comment below on your expectation but be aware that we simply don’t think it will be a high res footage high-speed feature.  The colors and quality do seem to be excellent in that respect. -HSC

OnePlus 6 Will Have Super Slow Motion Mode!

OnePlus 6 Slow Motion

The folks at OnePlus have been busy and by the looks of the recently leaked images of the OnePlus 6, it seems the phone is almost an identical looking handset to the iPhone X design with notch included.  The invitation to the event on May 16th, 2018 for the unveil mentions “Live Life in Super Slow Mo” which we believe will be a 960fps slow-motion mode akin to that in the Galaxy S9 & S9+ or the Sony Xperia ZX2.

OnePlus has been one of the best performing handsets for Android users due to their use of the best components out there along with a streamlined ROM that does away with most bloatware on the main install. Users of these phones also routinely claim huge battery life due to the optimized nature of the background tasks. For Slow Motion, they have only been competitive on the mid-range but that will probably change if Slow Motion is a big feature on this new phone.

OnePlus 6 Newly Leaked Images of the  Hint at Apple Like Design:

Rumored OnePlus 6 Specs:

  • 6in 2880×1440 QHD+ 18:9 display.
  • Glass notch design On  Screen Top!
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB Flash storage Included
  • Android 8.1 Oreo OS
  • Dual-lens 20MP/16MP rear-facing camera
  • Super Slo-Mo feature 960fps
  • Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner with Face Unlock
  • Dash Charge support
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Alert Slider
  • Blue, White and Black color body options
  • Wireless charging support
  • 16 May Launch Event in London.
  • Rumored MSRP: $599 – $699 Price Range!
  • 64GB, 128GB & 256GB options!

These leaks seem to imply that the OnePlus 6 will be the best performing phone for the price in the high-end smartphone market.  It will be a matter of testing the camera capabilities to see just how good and capable it will be and if the slow-motion mode will be able to compete or exceed the Sony and Samsung implementations in side by side testing.  We remain cautious with some reservations due to the past releases doing less than competitive slow motion. The Huawei P20 disappointed us by interpolating their 960fps mode from a lower source we believe it to be 480fps or possibly lower. If OnePlus with their new 6 handset is able to deliver real frame rates it will be the phone to beat at high speed this year. Somehow we remain unconvinced but hopeful. We will know more by May 16th when we have a direct spec sheet and possibly a plethora of samples to look at.  Stay tuned – HSC! 

OnePlus 6: First Ever Hands-On Leaks !! by DroidMonster Inc:


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Olympus Tough TG-5 Digital Camera 120fps 1080p!

Olympus Tough TG-5

Olympus is announcing the TG-5 rugged camera which is the replacement for the popular TG-4. It has quite a number of new features and what may be a first for this type of cameras; a sensor pixel density reduction from 16MP to 12MP. A welcomed addition that will ensure better low light quality with a BSI CMOS sensor and speedier data acquisition which lets it output 4k and 120fps 1080p video.

It has also a 720p 240fps mode and a VGA 480fps mode which makes it stand out in the slow motion categories. This camera seems to be aiming at the GoPro Hero 5, Yi 4k+ and Sony Action Camera markets with more features, better usability and the features you expect from a portable camera. It can also be used in drones with some creative placement due to its low weight of 250g with battery!

Olympus Tough TG-5 Main Features:  

•New 12MP Hi-Speed Image Sensor for Improved Low Light Performance and Noise Reduction
•Bright F2.0 Hi-Speed Lens
•Dual Quad Core TruePic™ VIII Image Processor
•4x Optical Zoom (35mm equivalent: 25mm-100mm)
•RAW Capture
•New Field Sensor System w/ GPS, Manometer, Compass & Temperature Sensor
•On Screen Field Sensor Data Display
•Olympus Image Track app Plays and Exports Videos and Still Images with Field Sensor System Data
•Waterproof to depths of 50 feet / 15m
•Crushproof to 220 lbf/100 kgf
•Shockproof from 7 ft /2.1 m
•Freezeproof to  14⁰F / -10⁰C
• New Anti-Fog Lens with Sealed, Dual Pane Glass to Prevent Condensation
New 4K Video Capture at 25fps or 30fps with 102Mbps
New Full HD 120fps High-Speed Video *   240fps 720p and Sub-VGA 480fps!             
•New PRO Capture Mode for Lag-Free Shooting
•4 Macro Modes: Microscope, Microscope Control, Focus Stacking, and Focus Bracketing
•4 Underwater Modes: Underwater, Wide, Underwater Macro, Underwater Snapshot, and Underwater HDR
•Ergonomic Body Design with Convenient Dial Control, Zoom Lever, and Accessory Lock Button
•Built-in Wi-Fi for Remote Shooting and Wireless Sharing
• LI-92B Li-ion battery, F-5AC Li-ion Battery Charger

TG 5 Feature Overview by Olympus:

1080p 120fps Slow Motion Quality:

As you can see from the frame crop above the slow motion quality is acceptable but not class leading. The camera looks more like good 720p at 120fps than full HD. For example, the new Sony a9 which has a very impressive and clear slow motion mode in 120fps 1080p that is really class leading; mops the floor with the Olympus TG-5.  But they are not in the same class with a 10x price difference.
High Speed Movie

  • 1920×1080 (FHD) / 120fps
  • 1280×720 (HD) / 240fps
  • 640×360 (SD) / 480fps

Since there are no samples yet of the 720p and sun VGA modes we cannot really make an assertion as to the quality of the images. However, the 1080p quality is not bad which bodes well for improved quality.  There are no samples of the slow motion released at this time besides the layered shots in the promo videos posted here.

BTW: You can read a comprehensive article on how to choose a diving camera here at: https://www.globosurfer.com/best-diving-cameras/


The 20fps stills mode is pretty good and quality with RAW  shooting is better than the previous models. Olympus has been working to improve processing of images in this camera and it shows promise. Still, the small sensor and cramped pixels can only do so much in low light and reduced dynamic range even at 12MP which is very low for today’s pocketable cameras. We are glad to see Olympus steering away from the megapixel race here and offering better image quality than the 16+MP compacts it competes with.  It will still not compete well with Micro 4/3 or APS-C cameras. Even the Sony RX100 and RX10 cameras have an edge in quality with their 1″ sensors which are much larger than the 1/2.3″ inside the Olympus TG-5.

It is an all around good camera with some toughness and good underwater ability. The quality might not be class leading in any of its imaging modes but it does try to offer a well-balanced image quality in both stills and video. The 4k footage is good but lacks the dynamic range of cameras like the Sony RX100 series which is still the preferred value in portable cameras with a slow-motion component that is class leading. Those, however, lack the toughness and element shielding of the Olympus TG-5 which is its main selling point.

Homeward Bound with the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5 by Adorama:

The excellent first look below by London Camera Exchange, will show you the capabilities of the camera in a rugged setting!

Olympus TG-5 – First Look by London Camera Exchange:

For $449 the Olympus Tough TG-5 is not a bad proposition for a well-rounded travel camera that will stand sand, water, drops and crush up to a point. It is geared for those that are as careless with their cameras as where they left their keychain.  With a “Microscope” Mode it may give some fun output of the unseen worlds but rest assured it is far from the magnification needed to see protozoa and or cells.  It will, however, do better than many macro modes and should do well with small insects.

The slow motion is good quality but not as sharp as the best 1080p 120fps modes out there. We still feel it should be given some consideration if you need a no-nonsense camera that can do a bit more than a GoPro or Competitive action camera.  We feel the abilities of usability, battery life and performance offer good value. It would have been better, however, to have a bit more slow motion punch on the lower modes but 480fps is a good solid start even when it is below VGA resolution. 720p 240fps is always a good feature to have to compete with the latest and greatest.  Sony could step up at any moment with a stacked sensor in a rugged camera and become the de-facto element proof choice among consumers with 1000fps like what they are doing in their RX and Xperia Phone lines.

We will have some more slow motion samples aside from the ones shown in the video sequences above when available from the camera when Olympus or users release them. -HSC

More information about the Olympus TG-5 here: http://www.getolympus.com/us/en/tg-5.html


You Can pre-Order the Olympus TG-5 at Adorama camera for $449.99 here with free expedited shipping!  Should ship by June this year!

Ono U1 Resurfaces Attends GSMA Mobile WC!

Ono U1 U1 Labs

The Ono U1 Smartphone is showing signs of life again after almost completely disappearing from existence.   The team has posted a Facebook update that shows their upcoming participation in the GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016 June 29th to July 1st.

As to what they will present we are not sure; there are questions on the post by interested people about the 480fps frame rate capability on the Ono U1 already and so far no answers have been posted, but that could change.  We may actually see a phone by then and if high frame rates are included it will be a welcome surprise.

What happened to U1 Labs and the Ono U1?

During 2015 and earlier this year the Ono U1 phone with 480fps Full HD capability was supposed to ship to early backers or what they called “Pioneers” but this did not materialize from what we could pull from released information that the software ROM inside the device was not finalized for a variety of reasons. The hardware was supposed to be complete but other than renders and low res images we couldn’t see a finalized product would look like in the hand.  We did see earbuds and a demo of the rom in action on a prototype device.

What is a positive is they U1 labs by missing the deadline decided to return all the Paypal payments from Pioneers in their entirety including our payment which was processed withing the Paypal guidelines.  They also expressed their commitment to continue the phone and make it available to backers at some point.  We still do not know at what price and or if at a free charge for the refunded customers is an option but we still think this is unlikely. Charging for the phone even at a reduced rate makes more business sense especially for a startup company. We will have to wait and see.

The 480fps mode in 1080p FHD is a feature of the Mediatek Helios X10 and X20 SoCs and the Ono U1 was supposed to exploit it as a highlight of the product.

We were promised a review unit whatever the case may be and that could happen this year if they are indeed releasing the product.

We wish them luck and while many will doubt them; there is no shame in returning the money to backers if they did not perform, this speaks well for U1 Labs and they should be given the benefit of the doubt.  We hope they do release a product this year and increase their communication with prospective customers. Hopefully with slow motion features.

Do your due diligence and remember to weight all options before buying anything online. We do not expressively recommend buying any product on HSC and we only inform on their development. Any purchase is your sole decision.

The Facebook post for MWC SHanghai is bellow by U1 Labs:


“Hi All, We have some good news, U1 Labs will be part of the GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016!

It would be our first public appearance as a brand. So do come and show some support and catch a glimpse of our phone. Details are as below ;

Dates : 29th June – 1st July 2016

Venue :
Entrance Hall 3 (North) – Booth A30
2345 Longyang Road Pudong District, Shanghai
People’s Republic of China
(located at Fangdian Road, near Huamu Road, beside Kerry Parkside)”

End of Facebook Post!

Ono U1 Resurfaces on Indiegogo but Why?

The Ono U1 Beast smartphone by U1 Labs has yet to see the light of day as a shipping product. There have been several setbacks to the project but they seem to still keep the flame alive by having the hardware finished and polishing the software constantly to get to a ship ready state.

The latest info pushes for a February release of a slow motion video sample at the spec of 480fps. This will be a real video and not an interpolated sample like the one released before which used the Android camera to deliver slow motion video based on standard frame rate footage.   Now the talk in the forums is when will backers and early buyers get the phone if at all. The handset was supposed to be in the hands of backers in late 2015 especially taking in mind the holidays as a Christmas present.  That did not materialize as expected due to software delays.  However the company honored early backers with refunds for the entire amount. These early backers will still get the phone with no out of money cost. This would be a great thing for backers but this put stresses on the actual company making the necessary revenue unless they have investors footing the bill.

“U1 The World’s First 480FPS Smartphone” 

Slogan displayed by U1 Labs”

If Ono U1 launches and keeps their promise to “Pioneers” it seems the company after all could emerge stronger and create a long lasting brand image for the future with even more refined products.

The latest foray into sales and getting the word out there seems to be the Indiegogo campaign that shows the handset and a price of  $359 USD which is the price they are selling it at their own site.  This is in our view a publicity vehicle to get the word out about their phone and get more sales before actual launch.

U1 Labs Shows a Preview Video of the Ono U1 Beast Phone. Slow Motion is interpolated in the samples shown:

Will the phone ship in Q1 2016? We certainly hope so and that the 480fps 1080p spec is all that we have been waiting for. Creating a smartphone startup is no easy task and many have tried and failed.  Few have gotten to the point U1 Labs has reached but it is still no guarantee they will succeed.

In any case we are eager to see working hardware and being able to review the Beast Ono U1 Phone and it’s slow motion capability soon. We feel that if the phone is capable of delivering those frame rates it will be a huge selling point and make the launch successful. That feature is the main one touted and the most talked about since the project started. It is the feature that sets the phone apart from the competition.   If they deliver they will have a change to reach a broader market but if the spec is not delivered they could have a backlash.

We wish U1 Labs luck and success going forward with the shipment of the Ono U1 Beast!

Disclaimer:  We are not affiliated partners or sales associates of U1 Labs. If you buy a handset from U1 Labs it is your decision alone whatever the outcome.  We are a news site that covers slow motion devices and any and all inquiries on the Ono U1 should be made to U1 Labs directly.

More info on the Ono U1 at their Facebook Blog Here!