Slow Motion Videos Of The Week Jan 20th 2017!

Slow Motion Videos Of The Week

After the few camera announcements at CES that have a slow motion component there is little on the hardware side until CP+ Expo in Japan on Thursday, February 23 to Sunday, February 26, 2017.   Fuji Just announced a few cameras but the maximum frame rate on those is 60fps 1080p so we really have no interest in covering them at HSC. Our coverage starts at 720p 120fps and up.

However there is a lot of new slow motion footage on the web lately and we really have to marvel at the ingenuity, skill and risk taking to get it done.  We have a few footage samples from this week that we believe you should check out. Remember to visit and subscribe if you like the footage so the creators can keep pushing the envelope.

Slow Motion Videos Of The Week – Jan 14th to 20th, 2017:

Popping Popcorn at 30,000 FPS in Ultra Slow Motion [ Part 2 ] by Warped Perception:

Planes in slow-motion by Aerospace guy:

Fox Drinking In Slow Motion iPhone 7 by Riot The Red Fox:

Canon 1DX Mark II – 120FPS Slow Motion – Paige Lorentzen by samfregonese:


Twin Turbo C6 Z06 Anti Lag shooting flames | 4k & Slowmotion by RaceProvenMotorsports:

Venus Flytrap Slow Motion And Macro by Gardening at 58 North:

Crystal Balls vs HP at 30,000 FPS [ EPISODE PREVIEW ] by Warped Perception:

Glass Shotgun Slugs – Your Worst Nightmare by TAOFLEDERMAUS:

There you have it, even with modest cameras like an iPhone 7 or the 120fps limit of the 1DX Mark II we get to see good quality content. Remember, if you see great content on the web or you have produced it let us know. Have a great weekend! -HSC

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