Slow Motion Videos You Have to See!

Slow Motion camera releases are slow at this time of year but that doesn’t mean we have to be deprived of cool stuff to see. We have gathered a few slow motion videos that warrant your time and attention and surely push the art of capturing snapshots of time forward.

Even when these high speed cameras that in most cases are worth a lot more than the typical luxury midsize car, many creators are getting their hands on them and being creative in ways that could not be imagined in an earlier timeframe. From natural phenomena to technological feats, the footage has that mesmerizing quality that only this type of footage can instill on the viewer. 

Watch Vintage Flashbulbs Burst in 100,000 FPS Super-Slow Motion

Ryan McIntyre has created a capture of single use flash bulbs that has to be seen up close. The Phantom TMX 7510 @100,000fps was used along with a Venus Laowa 24mm 2x Macro Probe Lens to get up close and personal with these flashing embers.  


7 Spectacular Moths in Slow Motion!

 Dr. Adrian Smith from Ant Lab Youtube Channel is at it again creating spectacular insect slow motion footage. The current incarnation of his work transports you to the world of night time moths and how they take flight. 

Watch Lightning Strikes Develop at 6,000 FPS:

Dan Robinson is using a Chronos 1.4  at 6000fps to shoot lightning strikes in several creative angles. It shows than even a $3k slow motion camera can create some spectacular footage!

Tokyo Olympics in Slow Motion:

The Tokyo Olympics are over but that also means that a lot of slow motion footage from them is surfacing after editing. Here are couple of examples:

  1. Moving in slow-motion: The top race walking moments from Tokyo | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports
  2. Even gnarlier in slow-mo: The best Olympic skateboarding tricks | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports


What if Every Second Lasted an Hour? – The Slow Mo Guys

As a treat we have Gavin from the Slow Mo Guys on Youtube playing with time by making a second last an hour. It makes you think how different and somewhat boring the world could feel like if just speed was the only variable that changed.  

There you have it, hope you enjoyed the footage -HSC

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