Canon ME20F-SH Sample Footage Released!


Canon Japan has released a sample video showing the Canon ME20F-SH Super High ISO full frame multipurpose camera in action.  It is impressive to see ISOs as high as  on a camera that is as portable as this. Even with a high price of $30k US it is something news gathering and documentary outfits like Nat Geo and Discovery will gravitate to in order to extract new levels of color and light information from extremely challenging low illumination environments.


Filmmakers will also find it useful for shooting in extreme low light for a specific take, but we feel that scientists and biologists in particular will benefit most from these advancements.  Underwater videography is probably the most peculiar use to study bio luminescent organisms in complete darkness like never before.

Canon Japan is Hosting the Movie and more info at this link for you to see:

ISO 4,560,000 Shooting Zebras at night. Image by Canon Japan Inc.

While the highest ISO values are full of artifacts and noise it is to be specified that the shot above has absolutely no illumination source. The pixels are being illuminated by residual rays from far away land sources or starlight… no moon on this shot.    Any other camera would see a completely dark image with the exception of the A7s and a7s II Sony cameras and those will barely be able to show any shapes.    For those saying that the images are too noisy be aware that other ISOs are extremely clean compared to other cameras.

The Full frame sensor is only 1080p in resolution with pixels that are 19 microns in size. This is gargantuan by most modern sensor standards.  It is having a Full frame 35mm sensor with only 2.1 Megapixels.   With even further advancements of technology ahead it is not impossible to dream of even higher sensitivity in consumer cameras.


For slow motion the Canon ME20F-SH only offers up to 60p but it will be the best low light 60fps video you will see available outside of laboratory experiments.

There is more analysis of the footage here for you to read at the following sites:

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