DigitalRev Has Fun With Sony RX Slowmo!


There is no question that DigitalRev TV is the Top Gear of camera reviews on the internet. We are big fans of the antics of Kai and Lok doing all sorts of cool shoots and taking the mundane out of camera testing by making it fun or even ridiculous.

This time around they have decided to try the Sony RX10 II and The Sony RX100 IV slow motion feature for a spin. The video is educational also going over the basics of slow motion shooting with these cameras and comparing them with smartphones capable of doing slow motion.  Our reader Rommel alerted us to this video.

Lok is usually behind the camera as the de facto shooter for the Kai DigitalRev review pieces but this time around he is the main talent for the piece.   They manage to get 25 slow motion ideas shot by the end of the video and the results speak for themselves. Some are very cool looking; while some would improve with better composition nd framing. That is the nature of shooting slow motion video, it takes a long time to get something remarkable with a lot of planning or just sheer luck. However this video below will probably have you look for the slow mo feature on your camera or phone to try stuff out.

How To: 25 Simple Epic Slow Motion Clips (RX100 IV & RX10 II):

You can find both the RX10 II and RX100 IV cameras at Below and try shooting the slow motion for yourself:

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